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Jan 3, 1997

Can you tell me if "X" company's products are better than yours?

We can only comment on our products, which we know have been produced to the highest possible quality with no expense...

Jan 3, 1997

Why should I buy from you? There are so many companies out there.

LA Muscle products are scientifically researched and are at the cutting-edge of supplementation. Please read and thin...

Jan 3, 1997

Where are LA Muscle products manufactured?

LA Muscle supplements are manufactured in several plants around the world to ensure the least impact to the environme...

Jan 3, 1997

Why do you have so many products?

Most products need to be cycledMost LA Muscle products cannot be taken for more than 2 months at a time. You will nee...

Jan 3, 1997

Why is LA Muscle more expensive than some other brands?

When you compare what you actually get with LA Muscle supplements, you realise that they are actually good value fo...

Jan 3, 1997

How much will I lose if I use your fatburners?

This is a very general question. If you follow our instructions and take the products as directed, you will lose the ...

Jan 3, 1997

Do your fatburners contain any stimulants?

Some fat burners do. If you are looking for non-stimulant fat burners then try Fat Stripper.

Jan 3, 1997

If I stop using fat burners, will I get fat again?

Not as long as you don't get lazy afterwards. Some people use the above and lose a great deal of fat quickly; they th...

Jan 3, 1997

I want to get rid of excess fat. What supplement is best?

Start off with FatStripper, then move on to other supplements such as Fat Stripper Intense. If you want rapid results...

Jan 3, 1997

Fatburners, do they really work?

A classic question in a way. LA Muscle sometimes take it for granted that their fat burners are powerful pills that d...

Jan 3, 1997

How does Fat Stripper work?

Fat Stripper is a powerful fat metaboliser. It goes into your body and goes straight to the fat in your fat cells and...

Jan 3, 1997

What's the difference between Fat Stripper and Fat Stripper Intense?

A common question is whether Fat Stripper Intense is better or stronger than Fat Stripper?Both supplements are extrem...
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