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Four killer LA Muscle Burners in the ULTIMATE stack! 

   5/5  (9,356 RATINGS)

The name says it all really. This stack is for those who are going all out in a guns blazing war on body fat!


 The most powerful burner stack LA Muscle does. Not for the faint of heart! 
Lose fat, NOT water NOR muscle!
Used by both men and women across the globe

This killer stack targets body fat from 4 angles.


Liver & Colon Detox: Liver and Colon Cleanse by LA Muscle is a superb all-in-one supplement that helps you detox and cleanse your body of impurities and accumulated junk. This supplement is ideal for those need to lose weight and make sure their systems are extracting and expelling excess fat.


Bloat No More: Bloat No More is a natural blend of powerful ingredients that prevent bloating, feeling heavy and looking bad in the mirror! Take Bloat No More to look great, feel lighter, get rid of water retention and start seeing your abs coming out. If you are close to seeing your abs, Bloat No More can bring them out literally overnight.


Fat Stripper Intense: This ground breaking weight loss supplement as seen on SKY TV uses 7 novel ingredients to metabolise fat straight out of your body in a very short space of time. It's unique cutting edge formula is amazing for rapid weight loss, which contains no stimulants. It is very fast acting which helps to shift stubborn fat from all over your body in just days. The pharmaceutical grade ingredients distinguishes this from any other fat burner in the market as the quality is nothing but the best.


Thermoxen: Thermoxen is the premium Pharma Grade, specifically engineered, exclusive formula with LA Glucomannan and Vitamin B6. This unique formulation of Glucomannan and Vitamin B6 has been CLINICALLY PROVEN to help you lose weight, reduce signs of fatigue and aid with the maintenance of cholesterol levels. There is no other supplement like Thermoxen and certainly not at this grade.

Take each supplement as directed by following the instructions on each individual tub..


* Please note: LA Muscle supplements are "Nutritional Supplements". They are not medicines or drugs. They do not prevent, diagnose, restore, correct or modify any physiological condition or function in human beings. They will not treat diseases; they are not medicines. If you have a medical condition, please refer to your physician. If you get "any" side effects at all, stop use and refer to your doctor immediately. Never take more than the recommended dosage. Male hormone boosters are for people over 18 and mature for their age. If in doubt about anything at all, please contact LA Muscle.
Please view the individual products Fat Stripper Intense, Bloat No More, Liver & Colon Detox & Thermoxen in this stack to read the product reviews

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Please see individual product pages for reviews: Liver and Colon Detox, Fat Stripper Intense, Bloat No More & Thermoxen

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