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4-Move Fat Burner Workout

This workout only requires dumbbells, kettlebells can be used if you only have those, and it will not only help you burn fat and calories quickly, it will also turbocharge your metabolism.


You’ll be performing this workout as an AMRAP. For those not in with the lingo, that stands for As Many Reps As Possible, where you will be doing ten reps of each exercise and going for as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes.


1. Dumbbell Clean

Hold your dumbbells at your side, squat and hinge at the hips with your knees bent until the weights touch the floor. Stand back up with a slight jump, using the momentum to pull the dumbbells on to your shoulders. Lower under control and repeat. If you’re using a single ‘bell, swap arms each round..


2. Dumbbell Front Rack Squat

Stand tall, clean the dumbbells onto your shoulders and take a deep breath. Now, drive your hips back and sink down into a squat, your thighs parallel to the floor. Drive upward explosively and keep going for nine more reps.


3. Dumbbell Push Press

Lift a pair of dumbbells onto your shoulders, palms facing inward. Dip at the knees and use your legs to help press both dumbbells overhead. Lower under control and repeat. An alternative is that you can use a single dumbbell and swap arms each round.


4. Burpee Over Dumbbell

Lay your dumbbells on the ground beside you and drop into a press-up position. Lower your chest to the ground, hop your legs back in and jump laterally over the dumbbells. Repeat on the other side, alternating until all reps are complete.

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