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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Posture

Unfortunately for our physical health and wellness, we have accepted unhealthy postures as the norm. Because we spend a lot of time on our handheld devices and work desks, our bodies are struggling since these postures require our necks to be constantly bent forward and our shoulders down.


Poor postures can result in extreme pain and discomfort that manifest as neck spasms, lower back pain, and pains in the shoulder. The good news is there are ways to overcome this condition. Experts have come up with different ways to help you eliminate bad postures.


The modern man spends more time sitting than ever. Many people spend long hours at their office desk, and when they need to relax, they move to another seat and stare and the television. Also, humans spend hours commuting or travelling on the bus, plane, or train, so sitting in the correct posture is very important. A bad posture can negatively affect the muscles, ligaments, joints and other health issues.


A good posture will give you better balance, and you will experience fewer backaches, less fatigue, and improved blood flow. Now let's look at five simple ways to improve your posture.


Stop slouching


Many people are guilty of slouching while sitting. Slouching is when you allow your head and shoulders to sag with your back hunched over, and you are not sitting upright. Your body will naturally want to relax when you are not alert or active, and slouching can occur, which is not the best for your posture long-term.


One of the ways to improve your posture is to train your mind to recognise when your body is slouching and correct your posture immediately. To sit correctly and upright, ensure that your feet are firmly on the ground and rest your back fully in the chair to give your spine the needed support.


Back exercises


Back exercises will help you strengthen your upper back and lower back muscles. With a strong back, you can carry your shoulders, torso and spine much better and prevent problems with your posture.


There are many back workouts that you can do that are not strenuous. Back exercises can be in the form of stretches that you can do at home or work or strength training exercises that you can do in the gym.


Core exercises


Having a perfect posture is involved with more aspects beyond your back. Back exercises are great, but you need to pair them up with core exercises to prevent poor posture from developing again. Exercising your core helps to build abs and allow you to maintain an upright posture, as opposed to slouching while sitting at your desk or walking.


Use supports


Support can be a pillow or cushion specifically designed for the back. If you spend a lot of time at your work desk, you should consider using back support to keep your body upright and comfortable. When relaxing on your sofa and watching tv, use a pillow to support your back to prevent your body from slouching.


Sleep properly


Sleeping habits like the way you sleep at night ultimately affects your posture. Although sleeping on a soft mattress might seem or even feel comfortable, but it may not be the best for your posture. A soft mattress will not provide the adequate support that your spine needs throughout the night. This explains why people who experience back pains need firm mattresses. It will help your spine maintain its natural shape.


Improving your posture is much more than just sitting upright. It involves a combination of walking right, exercising in the right form, sleeping on a firm mattress, walking upright, and sitting right.

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