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Effective Ways To Control Your Sugar Cravings

Nutritionists recommend that women consume less than 100 calories, or roughly six teaspoons, of sugar per day, while men consume no more than 150 calories or nine teaspoons. It is difficult to reduce sugar consumption. Sugar is present in nearly 80 per cent of foods, so it is difficult to avoid the effects of sugar dependency.


Do you want to reduce your sugar intake but are not sure how? If you're constantly reaching for sweet snacks and drinks, try these strategies to cut back:


Monitor your daily sugar intake


It is helpful to know your overall intake to determine how much you need to cut back on. Set goals that will help you reduce your sugar intake gradually based on your current sugar consumption. You can keep tabs on your progress by tracking your sugar intake even while making healthier choices.


Consume whole foods


Many processed foods contain refined sugar, including those that don't taste sweet. The majority of your calories should come from lean proteins, fruits, grains, and vegetables.


Add healthy foods to your diet. Consider adding healthy foods to your diet rather than counting the amount of sugar you must cut. When you consume nutrient-rich foods like fruits, vegetables and healthy fats, you are less likely to crave sugary snacks as you will be satisfied with those foods.


Remove one source of sugar from your diet each week


Reduce your sugar intake gradually if you feel nervous about reducing it drastically. It is better to reduce your consumption of sugary treats a little at a time rather than eliminate them completely. For example, you can limit your dessert intake to one or two days per week. You can also go sugar-free with your coffee and opt out of the doughnut tray at work. Eventually, you'll get used to less sugar.


Cut back on sugar in recipes


Make sure you do not add too much sugar to muffins, bread, and other baked goods if you make them at home. There won't be a significant difference in taste in most recipes, but you'll be able to reduce your overall caloric intake.


Add fruit to sweeten


Not adding any sweetener to yoghurt, cereal, oatmeal, and other similar foods can seem tasteless. Therefore, try incorporating fruit as an alternative to sugar, honey, or other sweeteners. A banana is a delicious option for oatmeal. Since fruits contain natural sugars, you will still be able to taste sweetness without added sugar.


Consider alternative flavours


You can replace sugar with vanilla or lemon flavouring instead of sugar to enhance the taste of your recipes. Spices like cinnamon and nutmeg give it a lot of flavour without adding extra sugar.


Reduce sugary drinks


The general estimate is that a can of sugary drinks contains eight teaspoons of sugar. It equates to 130 calories for just one teaspoon of sugar. Instead of having sweetened drinks, try non-sweetened beverages. For an easy way to flavour water, add some fruit. If you want to add a little bit of flavour to your tea, try adding a lemon wedge to it.


Engage in an activity that will distract you


Are you craving sugar? Try to distract yourself from it for a while until the feeling passes. Make sure to take a walk and get out of the house. It will help you avoid sugary foods and benefit your body as well. Hang out with your friends. Get involved in something fun.

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