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Exercises That Lower Cholesterol

High cholesterol is a common problem which is usually caused by leading an unhealthy lifestyle with a bad diet and eating habits. Too much cholesterol can cause vascular diseases as it can make it more difficult for the heart to work and the blood to flow, which can eventually lead to heart attacks and strokes.


Veins and arteries form part of the vascular system. If they are operating effectively by pumping blood and nutrients around the body then it means we have a good circulation but if circulation isn't good then your health can be greatly affected. This is the time when vascular diseases become a risk.


The good news is that exercise can change the way circulation distributes blood in the body, so workouts that combat body fat keep arteries healthy. You should try to pick exercises that raise the heart rate while recruiting the most muscles possible for maximum fat burn.


In the following list there are training methods and exercises that will help you to greatly improve your vascular health as well as burn a lot of body fat.



There are many reasons why drop sets are very beneficial when weight-training. Bodybuilders usually use them to help improve strength, muscle definition and post-gym fat burning. They also help fatigue the muscles quicker to stimulate more muscle growth. The best way to do this would be by doing your normal set of an exercise and immediately do 2-3 sets of the same exercise, gradually dropping the weight.



Sprints are a great way to quickly raise your heart rate as they require maximum effort. The goal is to sprint to your maximum capacity for 30-60 seconds at a time whilst keeping the rest periods in between sprints minimal. This is also a great exercise for fat loss boosting your metabolism. If you’re not a fan of sprinting or using a treadmill then you can also use the elliptical machine.



There’s a reason why rowing is included in a lot of circuit training; it’s intensive. It requires a vast amount of energy and effort but you’ll reap the benefits in the long run. Intensive all-out bursts with short rest periods will keep your heart rate elevated and burn body fat. It will also provide an excellent full-body workout.



Everyone dreads doing them but burpees are one of the most well-rounded exercises you can do. They’re a full body exercise so work every major muscle group and are also challenging so rapidly raise your heart rate and effort level. A few sets of burpees with minimal rest in between will yield excellent results.



Always a popular training method, boxing is a go-to exercise for fat burning and stamina building. If you’re not a fan of cardio, boxing is an enjoyable way to pass the time and burn a lot of calories in the process. It’ll push your fitness to new levels and will keep your heart rate elevated.




They might seem simple but press ups are part of most training plans for good reason. There are lots of different types of them that can be done in different variations to keep them challenging and they’re great for aiding muscle growth and keeping a workout intensive.

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