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Factors Affecting Metabolism

There are many factors that determine how fast (or slow) our bodies use or convert energy, which means everyone's metabolic rate is different. We will review some of these factors in this article.


It has been found that males generally have a higher metabolic rate than females. The reason may be because females are more efficient at storing energy and fat than males, though other factors, like hormone differences, may also be involved.

Body composition

At rest, it is estimated that your muscles burns more calories than fat does. In summary, more muscle means more calories burned per day and a higher metabolic rate. For those who are overweight, inflammation can play a significant part in their energy expenditure.

Food intake

What is one of the first things people do when they decide to go on a diet? They drastically cut their calorie intake and limit the amount of food they eat. You need to consume nutrients from food in order for your body to support a healthy metabolism. In addition, digestion of food increases metabolic activity in the body.


As we age, our metabolic rate slows down. According to some studies, this might be due to changes in the composition of our bodies due to aging. As we age, we gradually lose non-fat tissue mass, and since fat consumes fewer calories than muscle, this has a negative effect on our metabolism. As we age, our organs also gradually age, which also reduces our metabolic rate.

Body size (height)

Your metabolic rate can also be affected by your height, though in a more complicated way. There is some evidence to suggest that taller people tend to have a higher basal metabolic rate. However, some studies have found that they may burn less calories when exercising, as compared to shorter people.

Caffeine or stimulant intake

There is no doubt that you have felt your metabolism rise when you have consumed too much coffee or too many energy drinks. However, since caffeine is a stimulant, it can cause your metabolism to increase when it is consumed in excess.

Body temperature

It has been estimated that the body uses up to 40% of its total energy expenditure in order to maintain a stable temperature. As a result, your body will work harder if you are exposed to extreme temperatures. A higher metabolism is also the result of working harder.

There is some evidence to suggest that obesity tends to lower core temperatures, which may have resulted in a slower metabolism. As a result, researchers believe that a lower metabolism may have caused their initial weight gain.

Activity level

Your body burns more calories when you move more throughout the day, either while you are exercising or when you are doing your normal daily activities, for example walking or standing. In addition to increasing your metabolism through this activity, you can easily lose weight or maintain your weight loss by doing so.

Lose weight by increasing metabolism

You cannot change certain aspects of your metabolism. For example, your age or gender cannot be altered. The following suggestions will help you lose weight and boost your metabolism.

Workout: When you work out, you burn more calories. A simple workout can boost your metabolism. Workouts with more intensity burn more calories.

Add muscle: Improving your body composition will result in more calories being burned. You can burn more calories by engaging in strength training exercises to build bigger muscles. If you are struggling to add muscle, then you should consider using muscle building supplements such as Norateen Extreme and Vasculator.

Eat the right number of calories: A high-calorie diet can make you gain weight. Not eating enough calories can slow your metabolism. Ensure you consume enough calories to maintain a healthy metabolic rate.

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