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Five Tips On Losing Weight On A Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean diets are effective for weight loss. According to a study, designed to evaluate the efficacy of the Mediterranean diet as a primary prevention of cardiovascular disease, it reveals that people who followed a Mediterranean diet lost further weight compared to those who followed a low-fat diet. Furthermore, their waist circumference decreased more than that of the low-fat group. Obviously, this isn't the first study to link the Mediterranean diet with weight loss; in 2008, another study published in the New England Journal of Medicine also found that weight loss was greater with the Mediterranean diet than with a low-calorie diet. Children and pregnant women have also demonstrated a healthy weight when they follow the Mediterranean diet.


It is commonly believed that the Mediterranean diet calls for lots of pasta and olive oil. This is incorrect. Traditionally, the Mediterranean diet, modelled after the Cretan diet, consists mostly of plants with some carbs and olive oil, it consists primarily of fat in a moderate to high-carbohydrate diet. Here are 5 tips that work if you want to lose weight on a Mediterranean diet.


1. Start your day with your main meal


In traditionally Mediterranean diets, the main meal is lunch, eaten between 1 and 3 pm. It is more likely you will not overeat if you eat a larger meal earlier in the day. An example of this is a Spanish study which found that there was a significant loss of weight in people who ate their main meal before 3 pm.


2. Consume vegetables as a main course cooked with olive oil


The Greek diet is not complete without this type of dish. You will not only feel satisfied after eating a vegetable dish, but you will also have consumed three to four vegetable servings during the course of one sitting.


They contain moderate calories and low carbs. Pair it with a piece of feta cheese for the perfect meal. In addition to the above benefits, eating vegetables as a main course will prevent you from feeling sleepy as it is not a carb-rich meal.


3. For adults, it's best to drink mostly water and occasionally tea, coffee, or wine


Although in some countries like the US drinking milk with meals is the standard, but is it necessary? It isn't. Cheese and yogurt are the most common dairy products in the Mediterranean diet, so you cut down calories by eating more solid foods and less liquid calories.


This is also true for juice. Eat your fruit rather than drinking juice. Fresh fruit gives you fibre, nutrients, and is quite filling. In the Mediterranean diet, both coffee and wine have their place, but they should not replace water. Both traditional Greek coffee and wine are associated with several health benefits.


4. Your intake of olive oil must be in the right proportion


It's becoming more and more evident that "good fat" does not make you fat. Olive oil contributes both flavour and satiety to vegetable-based diets. Although, calories count, but they are not the only thing it needs to sustain a diet based on vegetables. All those vegetables taste even better when they're seasoned with olive oil. Additionally, it makes the meal filling. This does not imply that you should pour olive oil on everything mindlessly. It is advised that you consume about three tablespoons per day, which is associated with all the health benefits.


5. Get active


Keeping active is an integral part of the Mediterranean diet, as it is not only a diet, but a lifestyle as well. An active lifestyle involves a lot of movement, including walking. In order to stay healthy, you can't just go to the gym for an hour in the morning and then sit at your desk or lounge around the rest of the day. Walking breaks, stretching every hour, doing the dishes, and if you can walk somewhere instead of driving should all be incorporated into your daily routine.


Losing weight on a Mediterranean diet promises impressive results, and it is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, for those who want to lose weight quickly, there are supplements that can provide you with your weight loss goals. Fat Stripper Intense and Six Pack Pill Extreme are fantastic weight loss supplements from LA Muscle that you can try to reach your weight loss goals.

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