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How Small Quantities Of Protein Supplements Can Control Type 2 Diabetes

People with type 2 diabetes are shown to have their blood sugar levels under control when they consume a small serving of whey protein supplement before meals.


A new study suggests that pre-made shots containing a low dose of whey protein could be a tool for managing type 2 diabetes diet. Participants in the study consumed the pre-made shots containing 15 grams of protein before meals. Then, they were monitored for over a week as they carried on with their ordinary daily routine.


The same participants were also asked to drink a control shot containing no protein for one entire week to achieve a fair comparison of results with that of whey protein consumption.


According to data from continuous glucose monitoring, glucose levels were significantly more controlled when the participants took a whey supplement before meals. Blood sugar levels were normal for two hours more per day than the week without protein.


The lead scientist of this test who is also a crucial member of the Human Nutrition Research Centre and Diabetes Research Group at Newcastle University, UK, said: "While previous studies for a few hours in the lab have shown the potential for this dietary intervention, this is the first time that people have been monitored as they go about normal life."


Researchers also found that the study participants were able to follow a strict diet and liked having a convenient, tasty, pre-made, small drink that could be carried easily from place to place and taken before meals.


In this study, researchers determined that whey protein acts in two ways. First of all, it slows down the digestive process so that the food passes through the digestive tract more slowly. Secondly, it activates several essential hormones that prevent blood sugar levels from rising so rapidly.


A growing number of people worldwide are developing diabetes, making it more important to investigate alternatives and find more natural ways to control the blood sugar levels, such as whey protein supplements. Highly recommended whey protein supplements include LA Whey and Slim Whey protein.


The participants consumed a 100 ml shot of a small drink containing 15 grams of protein 10 minutes before breakfast, lunch, and dinner and stayed on their prescribed diabetes medications for seven days. The continuous glucose monitor automatically tracked the blood glucose level throughout the week.


The scientist who was in charge of glucose monitoring and analysis, said: “People were able to stick to the regime and liked the idea of having a convenient, tasty, small pre-made drink that could be carried with them and taken before meals.”


Researchers plan to conduct a similar study on a larger scale and for a more extended period in the future to determine the benefits of non-medical interventions. In addition, they plan to explore alternative proteins, including fungi, peas, and potatoes, to offer vegans and religious dietary needs more options.


Reference: “Thrice daily consumption of a novel, pre-meal shot containing a low dose of whey protein increases time in euglycemia during 7days of free-living in individuals with type 2 diabetes” 26 May 2022, BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care.
DOI: 10.1136/bmjdrc-2022-002820

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