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How these 2 simple things can muscle you up


I have been going to gyms all around the world since I was 16. I’ve been big, small, fat, lean etc I have trained with Mr Universe champions as well as average Joe’s.


In all those years with regards to getting a muscular and lean body, 2 things stand out like beacons! Here I share those 2 very simple principles with you. If you want a muscular and lean body, just try and do them for a few weeks and see the incredible results:


1. Lift more

It is astonishing to see so many people go to the gym and lift the same weight week in, week out. Your number 1 priority in the gym should be to LIFT MORE each and every week. I would even say each and every session but that may be a bit too much if you are a seasoned trainer.

Lifting more weight is the ONLY way you will become more muscular because you are telling your body to panic and build more muscle. You need to shock your body and get it out of its comfort zone and the only way you can do that is by:


  • Lifting more weight
  • Lifting the same weight in a shorter time period
  • Changing your routine


There are other principles that will guide how much and how quickly your build muscle mass, such as supplements, diet, sleep, training regime, genetics and so on. However by ensuring that you are always lifting more weight and increasing your intensity, you will always grow more muscular.

As you train longer and gain more experience or as you grow older, you will find that lifting more at every session or every week can become near impossible! That’s when you can start taking supplements to increase your strength and get you to carry on lifting more and building more muscle mass. Supplements can also speed up this process.


Some people resort to other more dangerous substances. As fast as they may act or as good as they may be, you will pretty much lose all of your gains when you come off them. Look at anyone that has been a “user” of these and has come off. They look either normal or even terrible!
Supplements like the Norateen range work with your body and when you come off them, you pretty much keep most of your gains.


2. No sugar or carbohydrates

If you are on the quest to get leaner and look good and see that elusive six pack, there are many things you can do. Cardiovascular exercise, higher reps, more water etc.


However, the most effective and fast-acting thing you can do is to stop or drastically reduce your sugar and carbohydrate consumption. This is a very quick way to get leaner. As you have heard, “abs are made in the kitchen!”. In addition to this, increase your protein and you have a great recipe to build and keep muscle mass and reduce body fat.


The world today is full of sugar, pretty much in everything from yoghurts, general foods to sauces. You have to be very careful to not end up consuming sugar! Reducing sugar consumption and replacing carbohydrates for more protein will dramatically change the way you look. You will go from looking soft and flabby to hard and muscular in just weeks.


So to conclude; the 2 most effective things you can do to increase muscle mass and get lean in just weeks is to lift more every week, reduce sugar and carbohydrates and up your protein intake instead. The very best of luck to you.


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