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How to get rid of Christmas fat

Your guide to losing the Christmas fat
Like most, you may have over-done it at Christmas. Here is your guide to what LA Muscle supplements will help you shift the fat fast and help you lose weight within the week.

Fat Stripper (the Original)
There is a reason why the original Fat stripper is still around after 24 years! The reason is because it works. It is a safe no nonsense effective fat burner for men and women. What's best is that it contains absolutely no stimulants for those that want something 100% natural and with absolutely no side effects.
Fat Stripper is what the LA Muscle CEO takes every summer without fail and is an amazing supplement. The original formula stood the test of time.
No palpitations, no sweating, no uncertainty, just results, usually within the week if not sooner.
Voted "Best Weight Loss Pill" by Men's Health Magazine online.

Six Pack Pill Extreme
Question: If a pill can't give you a six pack, how come the Registered Six Pack Pill range from LA Muscle do? And have been doing since the year 2000!!!Six Pack Pill Extreme is a natural fat burner with scientifically backed ingredients that target surface fat such as those on the abs. It just works!This is a top seller for LA Muscle. If you want to have abs for the new year, give Six pack Pill Extreme a try. Ideal for men and women alike.

Fat Stripper Black Powder
Some people want a LOT of active ingredients in their supplements. Others don't like pills and want to take a powder that mixes fast and tastes delicious.
Fat Stripper Black Powder is a new supplement from LA Muscle's R&D Labs that contains massive amounts of weight loss active ingredients that you just cannot get in foods. Results are almost immediate and come usually within a few days.
Read the real reviews from customers, some of whom have lost 5kgs in 1 week! 13 ingredients in massive doses is no joke! Expect miracles. This supplement sells out fast so act now.

Fat Stripper PRO Burn
LA Muscle's professional grade fat burner AND fat blocker in one. Lots of different expensive ingredients come together to give you a very powerful formula which works within days.
PRO Burn attacks your body from all angles: metabolising, appetite-suppression, thermogenesis and stimulation. Nothing is left to chance.
What's great about Fat Stripper PRO Burn is that it is also great value for money lasting up to 2 months per tub.

Fat Stripper Intense
LA Muscle's all time best selling fat burner. Unique ingredients in EXACT dosage that work together to cause extreme fat loss within a few days. Full Pharma Grade supplement and not food grade like all the other cheap rubbish for sale on other websites.
Fat Stripper Intense is very strong and acts very fast for men and women. Used by Hollywood Studios, celebrities and celebrity trainers. Voted as the best fat burner by several magazines over the years including Men's Health, Muscle & Fitness, Men's Fitness and more.
Start your new year by taking the RIGHT supplement to give you rapid results. Try Fat Stripper Intense, as used by millions of men and women in over 100 countries since the year 2000.

All LA Muscle fat burners work to give you results just as they promise. Which one you choose is really up to personal preference and budget. You can take 1, 2 or 3 together for even more weight loss faster.
You can also cycle them by taking one supplement for 1-2 months and then switching to another for constant fat burning and weight loss and to continuously trick your body.

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