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Myth or Fact: Does Sex Affect BodyBuilding

Are you worried that having frequent sex may be slowing down your bodybuilding progress? – We have answers.

The debate about how much sex affects building muscle mass has been in contention for decades. But with recent studies and research, we are closer to putting this debate to rest. If you are reading this, then you may be looking for answers. Before you consider the option of pulling the brakes on your sex life, we recommend you read this article.

Connecting sex and muscle building may not be as straightforward as we may expect, but there is enough information to help us make sense of the connection and bring us to a conclusion.


On the other hand, zinc is an essential nutrient for muscle growth. There is also a connection between zinc and testosterone, which is closely related to muscle development. When your zinc levels drop, you may experience a lower sex drive, and your lean muscle generation may suffer.


Since you lose zinc through ejaculation, having sex frequently without an adequate zinc diet is likely to cause a drop in zinc levels in your body. You need foods that are rich in zinc to reduce the risk of this happening and to ensure that your libido and muscle building remains at a healthy level. Nuts and seafood are reliable sources to supply your body with enough zinc. Liver, shellfish, oysters, pecan nuts, and wheat germ are rich in zinc.


When it comes to strength levels, most men will notice a drop in strength right after an orgasm. Some men will prefer to sleep or remain inactive, while others will relax to regain some of their energy. During this resting period, your body releases oxytocin. This chemical compound is responsible for feeling "weak" right after sex.


However, for most men, the withdrawal or relaxation phase is different from one person to another and only lasts for some minutes to a few hours. You may not be able to get in a lot of strength training as you would before sex, thus, leading you to believe that sex is affecting your bodybuilding. Going to the gym immediately after engaging in sexual activity is not recommended.


Multiple factors come into play including physiological, psychological, hormonal, as well as ethical and moral aspects" says Joel Seedman, PhD.


It all boils down to the testosterone levels in the body, and this is one of the reasons why athletes often try to get a boost of testosterone into their bodies just before they compete. The topic remains complex as there has yet to be a scientific conclusion on whether semi-frequent sex can increase testosterone levels or even decrease them.


The consensus amongst sportsmen and pro bodybuilders is that orgasms will cause a drop in aggressiveness, focus, power, and recovery needed to provide peak performance in competitive sports. Nonetheless, it all depends on what you feel. If you think that your bodybuilding progress is negatively affected due to frequent sex, then you may need to reduce how often you engage in sexual activity. It could be just psychological.


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