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Supplements & Body Types

Two of the most common questions we get are:


Do supplements work?


Why should I take supplements?


Let’s divide your current/future body into 4 different types.




A normal body, average muscles, average fat. Most people start off with this body and even if they exercise or go to the gym, they may still end up with this body. i.e. make no progress or make some progress and revert back to their normal body.




The so-called “toned” body is one where you make some progress and look a bit better but not enough to turn heads or even get anyone to notice a change. You may be pleased with your progress because you no longer look normal/average but to most others, you have really not made much progress.




Where you have achieved a fair degree of muscle mass and leanness and look good. This can be anything from post-toned to a muscular gymnast’s body.




The huge, head-turning massive bodybuilder physique, often only achievable by using anabolic substances.


So, do supplements work? LA Muscle supplements work, yes! They definitely and consistently take you from one body type to the next.


Should you take LA Muscle supplements? Yes if you want to guarantee a move from one body type to the next and you want to make the shift much faster than if you were to do it without supplements.


Quite often, supplements like Norateen Heavyweight II will take years (yes YEARS) off your timeline for progressing from one body type to the next.


Most importantly also, LA Muscle supplements ensure that you don’t go backwards from one body type to the previous body type! Imagine achieving full muscle mass and then due to catabolism, excess cortisol, stress, lack of exercise or protein, you end up looking just “toned” again! That would not be good progress!


Since 1997, millions of people have experienced the power of LA Muscle supplements to rapidly take them from normal all the way to very muscular. Unlike other supplements out there, LA Muscle’s range is full Pharma grade with exclusive formulas and all supplements come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, even if you have used the whole supplement.


Try LA Muscle supplements for yourself and see how crazy fast you can go from one body type to the next!

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