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Testosterone Supplements: Your questions answered

Will a Testosterone supplement actually work?

Yes, Testosterone is THE master growth and muscle hormone in your body. If you can get a decent formula that raises Testosterone levels, then yes it will work to get you more muscular.


What exactly does a Testosterone supplement do?

A Testosterone supplement will immediately increase your motivation and mind power. It will then increase your strength. With this increased strength, you will be lifting more weights and heavier weights and this will in turn get you more muscular because your body will need to automatically build more muscles to deal with your new increased strength and lifting capabilities.

How long does it take for a Testosterone supplement to work?

Usually a day or so to see a “difference” in mood, motivation and need to train! For some people, it can take 2-3 weeks to see full benefits such as increased muscles and reduced bodyfat.

Are Testosterone supplements dangerous?

If they are formulated right and by a reputable company using Pharma grade ingredients and in scientifically tested formulas, then no. As long as you take them as instructed and have a break every 2-3 months, then they are fine to take and millions of people worldwide use them.

Will they work for over 40-50s?

Yes, as long as you have a pituitary gland and testes (balls!) they will work!

Will you lose the gains after you stop?

This is the big reason why Testosterone supplements should be your preferred route over more dangerous anabolic alternatives. Unlike illegal anabolics, Testosterone supplements work “with” your body, increasing Testosterone naturally and your body monitors this increase and adjusts accordingly. This means that if you have been cycling them (taking some time off) and you decided that you wanted to stop using them, you will still keep most of your gains.

Will Testosterone supplements make me fail a drugs test?

Very unlikely if they are natural and the formula has not gone over the top (which can also cause side effects). It is advised that you don’t take a Testosterone supplement on the actual day of testing.

Can I take them if I am in the army, forces?

As far as LA Muscle Testosterone boosters go, yes you can.

What age do you have to be to start safely taking a Testosterone supplement?

This very much depends on how mature you are. Some people can take them from 18 onwards whilst for most people, 20-21 years old is the recommended age.

Do Testosterone supplements have side effects?

Anything can have a side effect if it is not formulated properly or if you are allergic to one of the ingredients. However, in the case of LA Muscle supplements which have been formulated with scientific research and are not unnecessarily over the top, side effects are extremely unlikely.

How long can you take a Testosterone supplement for?

For as long as you need to increase muscle and strength. It is however important to take some time off every 2-3 months to give your body a break. You can take other supplements to continue growing during the off period, such as Creatine.

What is the best Testosterone supplement?

The Norateen® range of Testosterone supplements are the most effective and established range out on the market. They are trusted and proven to produce consistent and exceptional results since 1997. A supplement like Norateen Heavyweight II is trusted by millions of people worldwide to give fast, safe and effective Testosterone increase.

Can Testosterone make you go bald?

It is possible however unlikely if the formula has not gone over the top and you stick to the instructions.

Can Testosterone supplements make your balls shrink?

Unlikely unless if you take way too much and for way too long.

Can Testosterone supplements make you more horny?

100% yes. This is one of the welcomed side effects of Testosterone supplements for most men and women. Testosterone can and does increase sexual energy and potency.

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