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The Top 5 Performance And Health Benefits Of Creatine Supplements

Performance-enhancing drugs and supplements are widely used by many athletes. One of these substances, creatine, is the most popular. It is believed to enhance muscle mass and provide bursts of strength.


Creatine is highly accessible, which might be one reason for its popularity. Creatine products are available in different forms such as powder, tablets, bars, and drink mixes.


Why take creatine supplements?


Do you want to improve your athletic performance? Would you like to build lean muscle mass? As you age, do you want to improve your brain function or protect yourself from neurological diseases?


Creatine is an effective supplement for all of these areas, which is why it deserves your consideration. Now let’s take a look at some benefits of creatine.


1. Improved performance during intense exercise


To perform fast, short bursts of energy, our muscles need an organic compound called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is a by-product of our phosphagen energy system.


Because creatine directly affects ATP production in our muscles, it can enhance performance during short, intense exercises and efforts.


In contrast, endurance athletes won't experience the same benefits because endurance sports rely on aerobic energy. Creatine supplementation, however, has a "cell volumizing effect", causing muscles to retain more water. Time and resistance training may increase muscle glycogen storage and protein synthesis. Thus, increasing strength and reducing protein breakdown.


2. It supports the growth and strength of muscles


Creatine is primarily used as a supplement to increase muscle size and strength. This supplement has proven to be the most effective on the market for this purpose. Initially, gains are seen due to the extra water absorbed through the muscle cells. As time goes on, prolonged supplementation activates specific channels to help boost muscle strength, performance, and growth.


3. Enhancement of brain function


The benefits of creatine on brain function and neurological health have been explored in more recent studies. ATP is required for many body functions in addition to muscle activity. Similarly, your brain uses it to perform complex tasks. Your brain produces ATP, so taking supplements can enhance its production. Moreover, creatine can boost dopamine levels and improve mitochondrial function.


These benefits can assist older adults in maintaining or improving their memory function. Boosting brain function could also help prevent or treat chronic neurological diseases. Whether the same benefits apply to young adults is unclear.


4. May lower blood sugar levels and reduces the risk of diabetes


According to some studies, creatine supplements may facilitate the movement of blood sugar into your muscles by enhancing the function of glucose transporter type 4 (GLUT-4).


During a 12-week study, creatine was examined to determine how it impacts blood sugar levels after a high carb meal. Exercise and creatine combined were associated with better blood sugar control than exercise alone.


5. It is completely safe


Besides its many benefits, creatine is also one of the best and safest supplements on the market. More than 200 years of research support its safety for long-term use. Long-term trials with healthy subjects have shown no adverse effects.


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