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The truth about these 3 LA Muscle myths!

The dosages are not strong enough


The internet, forums and social media have enabled many people to be more informed and resourceful. However, it has also enabled anyone behind a computer to form an opinion and influence masses of people without any credentials or background in science.


Some people have a habit of criticising supplements they cannot afford or have not used or had any experience of. A few people have at times said LA Muscle’s dosages are not as high as some others.


Fortunately for you, LA Muscle does not formulate supplements based on the opinions of internet geeks or those that have no clue what they are talking about.


For example, if you have a headache, you may take an aspirin. 200mg may be effective and get rid of it. Do you take 500mg or 1000mg because more is better? Of course you don’t! And if you do, then you are silly. Why give yourself side effects and get your body to react in a totally different way when a lower, gentler dosage can be as effective and not get your body hooked or affected in an adverse way.


All LA Muscle supplements are scientifically researched and formulated. Many of the supplements have quite decent amounts of ingredients whilst some others have lower doses which work in synergy with the other ingredients.


You should never trust anonymous sources which express opinions on things they have no clue about. This means you miss out on good things and may end up taking things which can harm your body.


For example, LA Muscle may use some ingredients for appetite-suppression in a fat loss formula; such an ingredient does not need to be high. Other companies may use more doses but more is not better and always remember that the more of something you use for a long period, the more your body will get used to it and the less it will work.


It is always better to use just enough dosage for something to be effective but not over-do it and better to get your own body to do the rest. Cycling and stacking supplements can give you gains over a much longer period and help you keep your gains for much longer than blasting your body with high dosages of something without any science or proof.


LA Muscle formulas are science-based to work, to work long term, to help you keep your gains and most importantly, to not give you side effects.

LA Muscle is expensive


Yes LA Muscle supplements are expensive. When you use the best raw materials, they cost. When you use scientists and research and development teams to develop your own formula (the way LA Muscle does), they cost. When you temperature control everything, it costs. When you use the quickest transport methods to keep product integrity, that costs too.


LA Muscle supplements are not for everyone. A Ferrari is not for everyone, a 5 star hotel is not for everyone, the finest leather bag may not be for everyone either. LA Muscle has never pretended to be all things to all people.


LA Muscle supplements are THE best sports nutrition formulas your money can buy. They are for people who truly value the very best of everything and are willing to put the ultimate fuels in their body.


LA Muscle supplements come with a 100% no questions guarantee and are the choice of top-level champions around the world. If you want the best, you choose LA Muscle. If you are cutting costs, can’t afford the best or don’t mind inferior formulas, then you have thousands of other brands to chose from.


In line with the exclusive top of the range formulas, LA Muscle’s customer services is also second to none. With manned phone lines, manned live help, emails answered within 24 hours and much more, you know you are in safe and trusted hands when you are an LA Muscle customer.


No other supplements brand goes as far as LA Muscle to provide the best supplements and service. This is why LA Muscle has been successfully serving millions of people around the world since 1997 and continues to grow and thrive.


Expensive is not a bad thing when you get absolute value for money. Expensive is only bad when you get junk coupled with terrible service.


LA Muscle customers are always happy to have discovered LA Muscle and continue to be customers for as long as they are in need of a dramatic change in their body.

LA Muscle is hyped-up


Do you know why other companies don’t “hype up” their supplements? Simple reason is because their supplements don’t work the way LA Muscle supplements work!


LA Muscle has tens of thousands of testimonials on file from customers dating back to 1997. The one common theme is “results”. People skeptical at first, people who couldn’t afford LA Muscle, people who had been used to cheap and cheerful, people who were influenced by others etc etc Their one common denominator is that they used LA Muscle and they saw unbelievable results.


All these people have become long-term customers because they saw results. When an LA Muscle supplement promises you the world, it is because it can deliver you the world. If some people want to call this “hype”, then that’s up to them.


Adverts and claims for LA Muscle supplements are always based on trials and actual results. New LA Muscle supplements go through a rigorous process of testing and are only released when they achieve certain parameters for a set number of people. Other supplements companies do not have the R&D budgets and facilities for these sort of standards and procedures; that’s why they don’t make claims.


At the end of the day, you need to experience LA Muscle’s power for yourself to make your mind up. If anything you buy is not up to the standard LA Muscle claims, you get 100% of your money back, even if you have used the whole tub.


Don’t be misled by myths. Make your own choices and take control of your destiny. Use LA Muscle supplements to make dramatic changes to your body, often within days.

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