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The Ultimate Blueberry Protein Shake Recipe

Whether you're trying to get healthy, maintain your current fitness levels, or want something delicious to drink in the morning, making protein shakes at home can be an easy way to achieve your goals. However, creating your protein shake doesn't have to be complicated – or expensive! With this ultimate blueberry protein shake recipe, you can whip up any number of flavour combinations with healthy ingredients and customize them to fit your needs and tastes perfectly.

Simple ingredients

The ingredients in our protein shake recipe are pretty simple: water, blueberries, Greek yoghurt and LA Whey Gold ( your choice of flavour but we recommend vanilla).

However, despite their simplicity, each one of these ingredients are important. The water makes up most of your shake and helps keep you hydrated throughout your. Greek yoghurt boosts protein, while blueberries give you antioxidants that help protect your body from free radicals. Finally, LA Whey Gold protein powder has 50 grams of premium protein per serving. If that doesn't get you excited about drinking shakes for breakfast, we don't know what will! Now get mixing!

This recipe tastes amazing, no matter what you add

In addition to blueberries, you can add anything from water and ice to milk and honey. No matter what extra ingredients you add, it will always taste great. Remember, what you eat plays an essential role in your overall health. So be sure only to put healthy things into your body!

Perfect for every day or as a quick snack on the go

You can enjoy your blueberry protein shake any time of day as a quick snack on the go or as a healthy breakfast to kickstart your day. It’s also great for post-workout recovery. Many people consume it right after their morning workout or when they need to get in some extra protein.

Extra tips for creating your blueberry shake

If you're adding fresh blueberries to your shake, remember to add them last, so they don't get crushed. Try freezing blueberries first if you're not keen on adding ice to your shake. Avoid ice cubes because they tend to water down drinks.

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