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Try This 3 Round 12-Minute Kettlebell Workout

This session is great as it is quick and easy to do and, if done correctly, will only take up 12 minutes of your time. It will incorporate all major muscle groups to give you a well-rounded full body workout and only requires a pair of kettlebells.


The workout uses the every minute on the minute (EMOM) protocol to challenge you to work faster and more efficiently. At the start of each minute, you'll start working to complete the allocated number of reps. Once you're done, you can rest for the remainder of the minute, but once the time resets, you'll start over, too. You'll perform three total rounds of four movements, which means your total work period comes in at just 12 minutes.


The Workout


Performing 3 total rounds using the EMOM protocol


  • Front Rack and Suitcase Squat - 10 reps (right)
  • Dual Kettlebell Deadlift - 10 reps at 3x1 tempo
  • Front Rack and Suitcase Squat - 10 reps (left)
  • Dual Front Rack with Kettlebell Press and Rotation - 10 reps
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