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What happened when I took Starman®

Review by Dan Brown


I was one of the test subjects for a new supplement by LA Muscle which has completed trials and testing and is out soon. When I was given it, the pills were not blue and the name was not finalised but the formulation I was given is the one in the final product.


I was not told much about it to be honest. LA Muscle like to test things without telling you much so you come up with your own conclusions rather than being coaxed into what you should say.


I took Starman (let’s call it that because this is what it is now called) for 1 month. I recorded what it did nightly in a diary. I will summarise it for you here.


I have taken Viagra and Levitra and find that they work very well especially when you are in the mood. However, they only work for me anyway, when taken and for a specific reason.


By the way, I have been asked to reiterate that Starman is not a medicine like them, so let’s get that out of the way.


On the first day. I took the first Starman pill in the morning with a glass of water and didn’t think much. I took the second pill at noon and again, didn’t think much. However by the afternoon, there was definitely something up! (Pardon the pun). I felt my manhood a lot fuller and “ready" to use a general term.


This carried on at night and during the next day. In fact, I started becoming so horny that I pounced on my girlfriend Lisa at the time, even though it wasn't the weekend. I felt strong, solid and very confident.


I am not unconfident sexually but these days, it really changes. Some days I am horny, solid and can go for a long time, others I am a little less confident.


I found that when I was taking Starman, I was very “at the ready”. I wouldn’t call it a wood extender as such as I don’t believe they exist but I would say Starman brings out the best in you and keeps you solid and going in all sorts of situations.


I stopped taking Starman for a few days because we went up north and I forgot to pack it and I was back to my old self. It became very clear to me that it was definitely doing some good things. I couldn't wait to get back home.


When we came back down, I started it again and it almost immediately (after 2 pills) started to give me that full and solid feeling again.


I don’t know about other people who took it or whether they were given the real one or placebo but I can tell you that the product I was given was really good and did all sorts of amazing things for my manhood and self confidence. I also felt great when I was on it but that can be anything. Saying that, I was gutted it ran out as I didn’t feel as good as I was feeling when I was on it.


Now that this product is coming out as an LA Muscle supplement, I will definitely be taking it. I really missed it in fact. It is a solid supplement for us guys especially if you are a bit older or you don’t feel up to it all the time.


Give it a shot.



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