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What Is Holding You Back From Your Fitness Goals?

Just showing up to the gym to train or exercising in general is a challenge for many people, and an achievement in itself. Many people train regularly, and will undoubtedly try hard and put the effort in, but many factors come together when a person is trying to achieve a certain physique, strength or performance goal. What many people don’t realise is, that although training is such a beneficial and worthwhile experience, there are many other habits that massively hold back results, especially the visible ones.

If you’re training hard, how important is nutrition?
Let’s get one thing straight, nutrition is always absolutely key, no matter how hard you train. If you think about the level of fat within your body, if it is too high, your muscles, however strong, will always be somewhat covered by a layer of fat, and potentially look significantly less impressive, or at least not how you want them to for some people. Any body will gain fat if calories consumed are higher than those burnt, and that’s fair enough if you’re training to be a power lifter, or solely for strength, but it could be massively setting you back if your aim is to be leaner or appear more muscular. It is undeniable that poor nutrition, even with a great training routine, will not just hinder, but destroy potential results. If you try your absolute best to never lie to yourself about calorie intake, and never just assume that the occasional poor choice of food won’t have any effect on your results it might surprise you. Relaxing a diet is fine if you personally feel you need to, but always understand it might impact your goals. Being completely honest with yourself and what you eat can be intimidating, but it’s proven to be extremely beneficial.

Are you really pushing yourself?
Intensity is key when it comes to working out, getting a response from the muscles and pushing them to exert the effort required in order to grow is essential if you want to gain size and strength. The issue with the general population that train regularly is that they will often show up to train numerous times a week, and actually do quite well, but they won’t push themselves enough, or really try to do more than say, the previous training session.
Intensity is so important because it forces muscle growth as people progress to a heavier weight, or increased repetitions, throughout the exercises they perform in the gym. If you really think about your workouts, are you pushing yourself regularly to increase what you can lift, are you really targeting the muscles you want to improve enough? Or are you just going through the motions the majority of the time you train? It may seem obvious, but every muscle in the body needs to put enough regular effort in to become stronger and grow. Rest periods are also important to think about when talking about intensity and pushing yourself. Having allotted rest times that you stick to when working out will always benefit workout intensity.

Do you actually commit to the goals you set?
This may sound obvious, but so many people fall into the ‘trap’ of having too many goals at once, which they then fail to accomplish, and end up achieving less all round than they imagined. Focus on a goal and achieve that goal before moving on to something that could potentially hinder the initial goal. Commitment when deciding on a goal is absolutely essential, as many people get halfway into a goal before swapping to something else. A consistent example of commitment being something that stands in people’s way, is if someone is ‘bulking’ or wanting to increase size and strength by eating more calories, they will often notice some fat gain and stop before they’ve achieved their main goal, meaning they are always halfway between two goals instead of achieving one and then working on the next. Commitment can become an issue across many fronts, including dieting.

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