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Why #lockdown can mean a new meaner, leaner and stronger YOU

It’s lockdown, you’re stuck at home, no gym, no friends, no leisure and worst of all, if you are married or married with kids, you are probably going crazy!


There has never been a better time to channel your extra energy into something useful for YOURSELF.


If there was ever a time to take a product like Norateen Heavyweight II, now is the time.


You see, when you go to the gym, you may grow anyway. You can, for the most part get a decent body. Yeah, if you want to get a body that gets “noticed”, then you need to up the game with Norateen.


However now, stuck at home, just how big and muscular do you think you are going to get? Not very! Sure, you can do your push-ups, pull-ups or you may even have a home gym. But that is not going to cut it.


LA Muscle is open for business and serving tens of thousands of customers weekly. Feedback during lockdown has been crazy. People have thanked us for being there.


Here is the reason why.


Norateen Heavyweight II does the following:


  • Boosts your mood and confidence.
  • Increases your strength so you can do more, push harder and burn more unused energy.
  • Seriously increases muscle mass. You will come out of lockdown, looking like The Hulk!
  • Gets you lean, which is something you may want, especially if you are stuck at home, eating rubbish.
  • Boosts motivation, so you can get down to your "body" business and stick to the plan of working out.


It is far too easy to get down and depressed and lose hope during these crazy times. You need to stay FOCUSED and see the end goal, which is a NEW body by the end of lockdown.


Take one day at a time. Take Norateen Heavyweight II every day. Don’t think about it, just do it and before you know it, lockdown is over and you will be proud of yourself for having the strength, courage and dedication to actually get something worthwhile out of lockdown.


Lead times are increasing and stocks are limited and running out. If you see Norateen Heavyweight II "in stock", this means you can order it and get it fast, as soon as the next day if you choose "next day delivery" at checkout during the week. Go for it. Don't let lockdown beat you down. Fight back!

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