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Why most old people are not muscular

Have you ever wondered why older people are not particularly muscular. There are of course many reasons depending on the actual person such as lack of exercise or a tendency not to go to the gym as you get older.

However as you get older, the main issue is the rapid decline of Testosterone and growth triggers. Testosterone decline actually starts right after your twenties, so that is pretty bad news. Growth triggers ever earlier and they pretty much disappear from the agenda into your twenties.

If you have good genes, you train, you eat well and you take the right supplements, you can definitely maintain and increase muscle mass well into your forties and fifties. However, after your forties, it really becomes harder and harder to look the way you did in your earlier years.

Older people, as much as they train hard and take all sorts of things, just do not build the same muscles as younger people. That’s if they are doing everything right. And of course your metabolism slows down as you age, so you store more fat! Your muscles don't turn to fat but you end up having less muscle mass and more fat and thus looking so much worse than in your youth.

If you are in your fifties, sixties and seventies and want to look muscular, you have to adhere to certain principles:

You need to seriously up your protein intake.
Red meat, as much as it is bad for your joints, is good for boosting muscle mass.
Creatine supplements such as Nuclear Creatine can advance muscle growth.
Heavy compound movements are needed to get you looking muscular.
Most importantly, you need to lift heavier and more intensely; and of course this can become difficult if you are older!
Keep cardio to a minimum if you want to be more muscular.
The most important thing you can do for yourself to look muscular when you are older is to take supplements such as Norateen. Products like Norateen Heavyweight II, Norateen Extreme, Norateen X and so on are absolutely essential to increase the long dead growth factors in your endocrine system. They also naturally boost your Testosterone levels way above anything your normal diet and food can do.

If you were to take one thing from the above that you must do to look more muscular as you get older is to take something like Norateen Heavyweight II. You will wonder how you got into your fifties and sixties without it!

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