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Why You Do Not Need Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids are synthetic substances that mimic the effects of testosterone, the primary sex hormone within the male body; they are typically injected by the user. Testosterone plays a huge role in contributing towards muscle size and growth, overall strength, and hair growth (or loss), depending on the individual. Anabolic steroids can be used by certain athletes and bodybuilders to increase muscle size and strength at an accelerated rate, and because of this, they are officially banned across many sports and competitions, and although they are an attractive concept, anabolic steroids are not without some very serious risks.

While steroids may provide gains in strength and muscle mass that are craved by many people, they do come with many risks and potential side effects. Taking steroids can lead to serious health problems such as heart problems, liver damage, blood pressure issues, increased cholesterol, and even death. Steroid use can also affect a person very negatively mentally and cause aggressive behaviour and depression, amongst a range of other mental health issues. Long term steroid use can even lead to infertility and impotence. Injecting anything without the help of a medical professional can be dangerous, as infection and complications from unsanitary needles can be extremely unsafe. One of the main risks of taking steroids outside of the obvious, is how those taking steroids become reliant on them, and although a steroid isn’t categorically an addictive substance, over time it can be extremely difficult to stop taking them.

Imagine a person takes anabolic steroids, and almost immediately becomes stronger, and continues to gain muscle and strength throughout the time they are taking them, then when that person decides to stop taking them, they lose most of the muscle gain, and most of the strength. Imagine having to cope losing a substantial amount of strength and size, and having to train once again without the assistance of steroid use? This is a potentially huge personal toll that is often not given serious thought, but that many people have to deal with if they ever took anabolic steroids but chose to stop because of a variety of potential health issues, or even simply because they decided enough is enough.

Training consistently and using safe, legal supplements may yield somewhat slower results in comparison, but is significantly safer overall than relying on anabolic steroid use. Someone training ‘naturally’ without the use of steroids, gets to keep their hard-earned results with consistent training, and will not see their progress fall away as they would if they were using steroids and couldn’t continue for any of the numerous potential reasons. The personal pride and confidence someone can attain by achieving their own strength and physique goals without potentially dangerous enhancement, is also an incredibly powerful thing.

Taking safe supplements can help you achieve your fitness goals without the risk of serious health complications. Supplements such as protein powders, testo boosters, pre workout, and creatine can help you build muscle and increase strength without the risk of any side effects. The right supplements can also help you recover faster after workouts and significantly boost energy levels.

The good news? LA Muscle provide the absolute highest quality, consistently tested supplements you can buy, especially because they are unquestionably safe to use for everyone from the most experienced gym user to those just starting out! The entire Norateen range from LA Muscle, along with Nuclear Creatine, Explosive Creatine, Possessed II pre workout, LA Whey Gold Diet, and Norateen Superman Powder, are just a few proven powerful, effective supplements that you can take without ever having to worry about dangerous side effects.

LA Muscle products use the absolute best ingredients, are reviewed extensively by popular organizations, and are all safe. Some LA Muscle supplements will even show results within the first few days! The most important take away from this article? Always be safe. Use supplements that guarantee results when used properly, always protect your body, and never risk permanent damage at the risk of faster muscle gain. Having a great physique is useless if it’s on borrowed time, so stick with the experts, like those at LA Muscle.

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