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5 Beginner Total Body Strength Workout for 2022


If you are looking to start 2022 with a bang, and go hard on your fitness goals, here are six beginner body strength workouts to begin.


The New Year presents a new opportunity to make good on the promises that you have made in different aspects of your life. Of course, we all want to be better and live a more fulfilling life. However, it takes more than just making notes of things we want to change, but putting in the required actions.


Fitness should be at the top of everyone's goals for 2022 for obvious reasons. And because it is getting increasingly important to maintain a high level of fitness to have quality physical and mental health.


You do not need to be intimidated by your fitness goals, especially if you are unsure of the effort or the time required to see results. But an effective way to start is to focus on building total-body strength through varied exercises and weights. These exercises will focus on major muscle groups, including glutes, thighs, back, chest, shoulders, abs, and arms.


These workouts tips are not a "one size fits all" but are a great place to start, so you can tweak them to meet your needs.




  • Start with a light cardio warm-up exercise for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Use weights that are heavy enough that you can complete a specific number of sets
  • Complete 15 reps/ set. You can do 2 sets if you need more challenge with 30 minutes rest between each set
  • Take a least one day off to rest between workout sessions.


Dumbbell squats


  • With a dumbbell in each hand, stand with your feet wider than your shoulder level.
  • While keeping your weight on your heels, bend your knees gradually until you are in a squatting position with your thighs parallel to the floor. Keep your chest upright and tall and your abs in and contracted.
  • Push back up through your heels to the standing position.
  • Repeat for 15 reps.


Split squats


  • Stand with your feet at about 3 feet apart
  • With weights in each hand, bend the knees
  • While keeping the right knee over the centre of the foot, bend the left knee till it faces the ground
  • Keep your chest straight and upright as you push through your right heel while returning to your starting position
  • Complete 15 reps on both sides




Planks are your best bet if you want to improve your core strength. This exercise strengthens your back, chest, and shoulder muscles.


  • Keep your body in a straight line with your butt while resting on only your toes and forearms, with your abs fully engaged
  • Maintain this position for 20 to 30 seconds
  • As you build your core strength, try to increase the duration of the planks to one minute more.



Pushups are a favourite because they build multiple muscles. They strengthen the chest, shoulder, triceps, and abdominal muscles.


  • On your mat or a level surface, assume the plank position with your palms on the floor and directly under your shoulder
  • While keeping your back flat and straight, engage your core, then lower your body until your chest touches the floor
  • Push your body back to the starting position immediately
  • Complete 1 to 2 steps of 15 reps, then increase as you get stronger.


Seated rotation


  • While sitting on the floor, hold a dumbbell or a medicine ball to your chest with your elbows slightly bent.
  • Contract your abs, then rotate the dumbbell or ball to your right while your legs and hips are facing forward
  • Bring the ball back to the centre, then rotate to the left while keeping your abs contracted
  • Repeat for 15 reps
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