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Burn Belly Fat™

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Fast-action natural fat burner for men & women

5 out of 5 (8,148 global ratings)

Burn Belly Fat is a high octane fat burner with scientifically proven stimulants that will ignite and accelerate fat loss for both men and women of all ages. Burn Belly Fat uses 100% natural and safe ingredients to significantly increase weight loss.

Up to 2 months supply
8 powerful Pharma Grade weight loss stimulants
Scientifically proven natural fat loss agents
Fast results for men & women

A superior formula that just works!

Burn Belly Fat is a superior premium formula that does exactly what it says on the tin! It contains high grade proven ingredients that turn up the heat and get you burning deep-rooted, hard to shift fat from day one. Burn Belly Fat contains stimulants and is extremely powerful. Anyone that is fed up with not seeing results and the empty promises of other brands can try Burn Belly Fat with the certainty that it WILL work or you get all your money back.

Burn Belly Fat Supplement

Watch this video to learn more about how Burn Belly Fat can help you lose that belly FAST!

8 scientifically proven ingredients that come together to give you serious weight loss in record time

Burn Belly Fat is a unique formula with 8 stimulants that have been scientifically proven to aid weight loss. Whether you are a man or woman of whatever age, you will not be disappointed. In the Burn Belly Fat formula you get:

Cayenne Fruit Powder - Scientifically proven to reduce body-fat up to 6% over 12 weeks.
Choline Bitartrate - Scientifically proven to break fat down for energy use.
Green Coffee Bean Extract - Shown by many scientific studies to promote weight loss.
Green Tea - Scientifically proven to increase fat oxidisation.
Inositol - Proven to directly affect metabolism and increase fat burning.
L-Carnitine - Simply put: L-Carnitine increases weight loss as demonstrated by countless scientific studies.
Betaine - Scientifically shown to reduce bodyfat.
Methionine - Scientifically proven to regulate metabolism.

Guaranteed results for men & women of all ages and shapes!

Burn Belly Fat Pills

Burn Belly Fat is guaranteed to work for you no matter what your age, size, sex or training experience. It is an extremely strong scientific, 100% natural and 100% safe super-supplement. Don't waste your money on cheaper unproven supplements that do not contain ingredients of the same Pharma Grade quality as LA Muscle's incredible formula. All 8 ingredients in Burn Belly Fat have been lab-tested to be over 99.9% pure and are manufactured, stored and shipped at exact temperatures to ensure 100% effectiveness all the way until they reach your hands. This full control over the storage & transport of LA Muscle's own supplements is one of the reasons why by ordering direct from the LA Muscle website, you are assured the strongest supplements at the time of manufacturing all the way until you start using them.

You can take 1 tablet, 3 times a day and most people see great results with this dosage, meaning each tub of Burn Belly Fat will last you 2 months. Alternatively if you want quicker weight loss, you can take 2 tablets, 3 times a day.

For example if you want to be beach ready quickly or you have a special event such as a wedding, a competition or a photoshoot and you want to be ripped a lot quicker, you can take 2 tablets of Burn Belly Fat, 3 times a day with a glass of water. It doesn't matter what time you take it, as long as you take the tablets 3 times a day and you take them every day even when you are not training. Burn Belly Fat is very strong and will work for everyone.

LA Muscle's Award-Winning supplements serving millions of men & women since 1997

Weight loss for men and women

LA Muscle has been producing Award-Winning Pharma Grade sports nutrition since 1997. Combined with the industry's only 100% money back guarantee and premium service, you will not find another company that comes even close to LA Muscle. Unlike other brands (even well-known ones!) LA Muscle does not re-label generic supplements. ALL LA Muscle supplements are researched, formulated and manufactured by LA Muscle. They are exclusive LA Muscle formulations and no other company has them. Burn Belly Fat is an incredible addition to the amazing weight loss range from LA Muscle. A stimulant-charged fat-burner for the 21st Century men and women who demand results and don't have the time or money to waste.

LA Muscle supplements have been the winner of many awards including Men's Health Best Supplement, Men's Fitness Best Supplement and Gold Award Winner for the Norateen and Fat Stripper range.

Trust the LA Muscle name to cut out life's headaches for you. No need to look at thousands of "me too" supplements and no need to worry about being scammed or losing money. All LA Muscle supplements come with a cast iron 100% money back. If they don't work, you don't pay! Start seeing incredible weight loss from tomorrow. Order Burn Belly Fat today!

Scientific research on the ingredients used in Burn Belly Fat

Below is just some of the science behind Burn Belly Fat. In addition, LA Muscle does its own in-house R&D on all formulas including Burn Belly Fat.

LA Muscle store voted "Best Store" by Retail Week Magazine for design, showcasing LA Muscle's commitment to to the highest standards on earth

LA Muscle Concept Store in London, UK

LA Muscle's full-strength premium sports supplements are not for everyone. The very high raw material qualify, non-compromising ethos and strict manufacturing practices mean that LA Muscle supplements are more expensive than other brands. If you want the very best and want to get your hands on a range that says a great deal about your own high standards and non-compromising attitude, then LA Muscle is for you.

Recently, LA Muscle's concept store was recognised in the Retail Week Interior Design Awards under the "Best Store" category. This store shows the extreme high standards set for LA Muscle from the uniqueness of the supplements all the way to presentation and customer services. Special attention is always paid to the post-purchase customer experience. Whilst others may just want your money, LA Muscle would like you to become a fan of the brand and experience all the benefits.

Serving size: 1 Tablet
Servings Per Container: 180


Per Serving
Cayenne Fruit Powder 100mg
Choline Bitartrate 100mg
Green Coffee Bean 100mg
Green Tea 100mg
Inositol 100mg
L-Carnitine Tartrate 150mg
Guarana Extract 50mg

Other agents (Dicalcium Phosphate, Microcrystalline Cellulose), Anti-Caking agents (Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide), Glazing Agents (HydroxypropylMethylCellulose, Glycerin, Carnauba Wax)

Supply: Up to 2 months

How to take: Take 1-2 tablets, 3 times a day with a glass of water ideally with meals. You can crush or split the tablet in half to make it easier to take if you wish.

Each bottle will last: 2 Months (or less if you take more tablets)

Supplements not medicines
LA Muscle supplements are "Nutritional Supplements". They are not medicines or drugs. They do not prevent, diagnose, restore, correct or modify any physiological condition or function in human beings. They will not treat diseases; they are not medicines. If you have a medical condition, please refer to your physician. If you get "any" side effects at all, stop use and refer to your doctor immediately. Never take more than the recommended dosage. Male hormone boosters are for people over 18 and mature for their age. If in doubt about anything at all, please contact LA Muscle.

LA Muscle Tubs
In line with LA Muscle Green Policy and reducing carbon footprint, LA Muscle is using a "ONE SIZE" tub for most supplements. This is to reduce the use of plastic tubs by having tens of different sizes for various products and having to over-manufacture plastics. As a result, you may find that in many LA Muscle supplements, the tub is much bigger than the total size of all pills. You are still getting the exact number of pills/capsules/powder you have paid for, however there will be extra space at the top, giving the impression to some people that the tub is not full. This is solely because of our commitment to reducing the need for making extra plastic tubs. LA Muscle does not use cotton wool to fill up the extra space because cotton wool can attract microbes. Your safety AND the protection of the planet are big parts of the LA Muscle ethos.

Please note that LA Muscle cannot guarantee its products from being free of certain allergens. If you have a severe allergy to any ingredient including milk, soya, nuts, fruit or anything else that can cause you a life-threatening condition, we strongly advise you NOT to take LA Muscle supplements (or any supplements for that matter). If you are not sure or suspect an allergy, please see your doctor immediately.

Customer Reviews

Based on 121 reviews

Lost lots of weight in two weeks using these. recommended

M. Rogers

Great product, tablet size is slightly smaller so much easier to go down and very happy with results so far


Highly recommend this one

Tony Glover

Fantastic, ready for vacation!

Adam Swain

Great stuff, abs are showing through

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