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5 Pre-Run Routines Every Runner Must Follow For Optimum Performance


As a runner, you need to include many other factors into your training schedule, such as adequate rest, healthy nutrition, physical therapy, etc.


Today our focus is on preparing for a workout - many people don't give much thought to what they should do before a workout, but it's vital!


Having a pre-run routine ready for each workout is essential.


In reality, most people are eager to go to the gym to get their workout done to move on to other things. But there are a lot more factors at play. Plan at least 10 minutes extra to begin your workout.


1. Hydrate


Well, most people don't consume enough water. You should drink the appropriate amount of water before your workout according to how far you're running. Also, take into account weather conditions like temperature and humidity. It is difficult to calculate the exact amount of water you should consume before running, so consider all the factors (weather, distance, etc.) as well as your body before getting into the water.


Drink plenty of water at least 30 minutes before a run - especially if it's warmer than 60 degrees outside. You should also rehydrate if your run lasts for more than 45 minutes.


2. Determine your workout goals


You should set your mind to something you have been meaning to accomplish before you begin exercising. It could be a new pace, a different route, a faster time, or a longer distance. By setting realistic workout goals before a regular training run, you can stay on track towards your competition and personal goals. But you must first understand what you want before you can achieve it.


3. Give your body a fuel boost


Regardless of the type of run you are performing, an empty stomach won't enhance your performance but will have the opposite effect.


A great session starts with feeling full of energy. However, if you are hungry and extremely low on energy, you can't accomplish that.


Consider consuming a light snack that contains carbohydrates so you can have the energy you need.


A pre-run meal or snack has two principal purposes. Its first purpose is to keep you full before and during your run, and secondly, it will help you maintain the optimal blood sugar levels needed to fuel your muscles.


The meal should be high in carbs, moderate in protein and low in nutrients that slow digestion, mainly fat and fibre. A snack with carbs and moderate protein content is sufficient. It doesn't have to be a full meal.


4. Get warmed up before you run


Warm up is one of the most crucial parts of an exercise. A warm up will help you relieve tension, loosen joints, prevent injuries, and relax the muscles.


As you warm up, your heart rate and body temperature will increase slowly, preparing you for the run.


5. Get pumped up with music


During your warm up and while you're getting dressed for your run, listen to your favourite playlist. Additionally, music can boost your mood and energy levels, as well as increase your heart rate, so you're better prepared to run.

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