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5 quick ways to fix neck pain

Isn’t neck pain just a pain in the neck? OK seriously, neck pain is affecting more and more people especially in the developed world. Number 1 cause is technology! The more advanced you are, the more you sit behind a computer or look down at your mobile phone for hours. It is becoming a crazy epidemic and younger people are finding they are suffering from neck pain.


Here are 5 quick ways to beat and reverse neck pain.


Check your pillow


Your pillow can be a big contributor to your neck pain. There is no right pillow. Every individual will require a different pillow depending on them and their sleep patterns and their mattress. Some are good with synthetic, some with feather, others with memory foam. If you have neck pain, change your pillow and experiment until your pain eases.


Posture behind a desk


The correct posture if you sit behind a desk is to sit straight, hands on the keyboard and the monitor much higher at neck level. Basically, a well-placed desktop and not a laptop! Try and pay attention to your seating and computer posture.

Staring at your mobile


The mobile phone has a funny way of taking away hours of your life with you stuck in one position looking down or to the side and not moving. This is terrible for your neck, shoulder and traps. Make sure you change position when looking at your mobile and try and not look down. Hold it up and take a break every 10-20 minutes.


Stretch your neck


Whether you are sitting, at the computer or looking at your mobile phone, make sure you stretch your neck. Look to the right and push a bit further with your left hand (not too much) and do the same by looking to the left and pushing your head with your right hand. Do this 5 times on each side.


Bend your head down towards the left shoulder slowly and keep it there for 5 seconds and do the same on the right shoulder. Do this 5 times.


Look all the way behind you from the right side 5 times and left side 5 times. Basically you want to be hearing crackles when you do these as if your joints are loosening. Be careful and don’t do sudden movements. This is all about slow stretching.


Home therapy


Yoga, baths, showers and self massagers are all good if you have developed a chronic neck condition. Regular massage and stretching can greatly help you. Think about it this way, the more mobile you can have your neck and the less you have it stuck in one position and the more blood flow you have in that region, the less neck pain you will have.


The best of luck to you.
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