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5 Ways To Use Protein Powder

If you are reading this, you are most likely looking for creative ways to consume your protein powder. The most important thing is getting in your daily requirement, and there is nothing wrong with enjoying it. Trying new recipes may eventually make you look forward to meeting your daily goals. You will reduce your daily calorie intake and have a better outlook of workouts generally.


Protein powders have been around for more than five decades, and the quality has improved all-round. Everything about protein powders, from texture to taste has gone through phases of evolution with many variants and formulas.


The consumption of protein powders has gone beyond only bodybuilders to now include any healthy adults, credit to brands like LA Muscle. These days, protein powders are for both the gym and the kitchen. Now let's dive into the many of its uses.


1. Blend It with Your Favourite foods


You can take your protein powder to another level by combining some with your favourite veggies or fruits and let the blender work its magic. You will find many recipes for protein powder smoothie recipes that are delicious and healthy. Here, you have the opportunity to add antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids-rich ingredients into the mix. Increase the micronutrients by adding some spinach, then increase fibre with almonds or oats.


2. You Can Augment It


If you have been using water as a base for protein powder, you should try something new. Why not swap water for milk to give it a creamy richness and improved taste? You have options to choose from, including soy milk, almond milk, and other variants of nut milk to give it that nutty flavour. However, don't forget carried away by creating something delicious that you forget to maintain healthy nutrition.


3. Add It to Your Favourite Meal


You may be thinking of ways to boot the protein in your meals, and here is one way to do it. Add some unflavoured protein powder to your homemade recipes, including pasta, soups, salads, and pizza.


4. Create Delicious Baked Goods with It


There are many recipes to try when it comes to making baked goods with your protein powder. And the best part is there will be no compromise in terms of taste and texture. Experiment with some of your favourites such as cakes, cookies, pies, biscuits, cupcakes, puddings, and many more. But if you prefer something healthier, you should substitute the oils and extra calories for healthier options such as yoghurt, bananas, avocados, and applesauce. You can substitute honey for sugar or maple syrup. But if you don't want to have sugar, then agave nectar or stevia will be just fine.


5. Make Breakfast with It


A protein-rich breakfast is a good way to start your day/ Protein powders are versatile and can be mixed with your quick breakfast fixes or beverages. Give your morning coffee a protein boost by adding a dash of LA Muscle’s LA Whey Gold, or add it to your pancake mix, muffins, banana bread, or waffles. Getting the right amount of protein from your breakfast will help you gain muscle mass fast.

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