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7 Portion Size Mistakes That Are Easy To Avoid

You are doing a great job sticking to a healthy diet as you are trying to lose weight. But, do you know that you might be overeating? The mistake made by many people is overeating a particular food than we need, but paying less attention to the right portion size.


Can you remember the last time you checked the portion serving label or nutrition information before pouring some cereal into a bowl? There is a likelihood that you are eating more than the recommended serving portion without noticing it. And it can affect your weight loss journey results.


Here are seven portion size mistakes that are easy to avoid.


Consuming a lot of snacks


Snack consumption is one of the portion size mistakes that we all make. Busy schedules can make us snack more on potato chips, popcorn and nut to satiate our hunger. In the process, we eat more than we need then miss breakfast or lunch. This, in turn, makes us gain more weight and develop terrible eating habits. If you want to have a healthy diet and keep fit, remember to drop that big bag of popcorn or potatoes chips. If you must snack, eat small portions at a time.


Forgetting to serve your food on a plate


Eating directly from the pot, bag, or container is another common portion size mistake that we all make. We tend to eat more than we need and forget to keep track of our portion size. Over time, we consume more calories which turn to more body fat. To break this portion mistake, always serve your food on a plate. Serving your food on a plate will encourage a healthy eating habit.


Overeating unhealthy food


Another portion size mistake we make is overeating foods with high sugar content. Unhealthy foods have high calories than healthy food. When we eat them in large portions, our bodies have more calories to deal with. Eat food with soluble fibre for breakfast to help control your portion size mistakes. Apples, grapefruits and oranges are also good options to try.


Rushing your food


Living in a fast-paced modern world makes us get used to eating too quickly and consuming more than is needed. Also, prolonged hunger can make you eat down a large portion of food. This habit can affect your health negatively, making you put on weight and triggering heart disease. The best way to break this habit is to take time to enjoy your food, eat in small bites or chew your food thoroughly.


High intake of sugary drinks


If you have a sweet tooth, you may consume lots of sugary beverages. Although they may be a source of energy, taking too much is unhealthy. Consuming excessive amounts of sugary drinks can lead to tooth decay and create a higher risk of heart disease. Some people think of diet drinks as an alternative, but they are as bad as regular sweetened drinks. You can work on your portion size by cutting down or reducing the mindless sipping of sugary drinks.


Eating a bowl of fruit


Fruits are an essential part of a healthy diet due to their numerous health benefits. Unfortunately, eating lots of fruit causes reflux, bloating and heartburn. To encourage eating the right portion size, do not exceed the serving size of about 4 to 6 ounces.


Eating too many nuts


Eating too many nuts is another portion size mistake that many make. Due to its health benefits, we are encouraged to overindulge, which causes symptoms such as bloating, gas and digestive issues. When you are unsure of the right amount to eat, a handful will do just fine.

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