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A Woman Is Making A Fortune Selling Breast Milk To Men

With bodybuilders always on the lookout for the next best thing to help with their lean muscle gains a growing number of them have turned to the unlikeliest of choices, BREAST MILK, and one enterprising new mother is taking advantage of the growing demand.


Rafaela Lamprou from Cyprus gave birth to her son earlier this year and realised that she was producing a lot more breast milk than she needed and could even store. As a solution to this problem she very charitably started to donate the spare milk to other new mothers who were struggling to produce milk on their own. That was until men started approaching Rafaela to take some of the spare breast milk off her hands.



The 24-year-old Rafaela was bewildered at first but the bodybuilders who contacted her explained why and stated that it is good for building muscle mass. She obliged their interest and decided to capitalise on the opportunity, deciding to start selling the two litres of milk she was producing a day and began charging the bodybuilders €1 (89p) per ounce. It wasn’t long until she was also getting orders from men with fetishes. To date Rafaela has made £4,500 on nearly 500 litres of breast milk.

Rafaela states that she breastfeeds regularly to keep up with demand and admits that she finds her side business addictive and isn’t concerned what the men who purchase the milk do with it. She said, “I have no idea what they do with it, but they tell me they consume it.”


She also created a Facebook group and a website advertising her breast milk and people approach her there. Many buyers also ask her to take tests to ensure the quality of the breast milk, verifying that she doesn’t smoke or drink.


A large number of bodybuilders worldwide controversially consume breast milk because it is very calorific and nutrient dense. Since it is good for babies and aids growth, the thought process is that if breast milk is designed to rapidly grow a human baby, maybe people can experience a similar effect that can happen to fully grown humans. There is however, no studies that support these claims.


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