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Build a Stronger Back and Bigger Biceps

One of the best exercises in general to build a strong and solid back is the row. There are many different variations of row you can be doing and the great thing about them is that they will also help add some size onto your biceps since they’re one of the other major muscles used in this exercise.


An easy way to do them effectively when getting the best out of your home workouts is to do them with resistance bands. They are usually done with dumbbells and you can continue to do them that way but if you have resistance bands then try definitely adding them to your back and arm workouts. Every row exercise you do involves your back muscles like your rhomboids and lats, but your biceps and forearm muscles are also highly involved.


This exercise is a mix of a row and a bicep curl. The best thing about this exercise is how simple it actually is. All you're going to do is sit down and get to it. The exercise has you performing a row rep with a curl rep, and doing so in ways that build critical strength. Make sure not to hunch over, especially during the biceps curl portion of the action, so it's very important to maintain correct posture.




  • Start in seated position, legs straight, band wrapped around your feet, core tight. Arms should hold the ends of the resistance band.
  • Relax your shoulders. Squeeze your shoulder blades.
  • Pull the band back toward your ribcage, focusing on pulling from the elbows. Return to the start. That's 1 rep. Do 1 rep.
  • Immediately tighten your core, rotate your palms so they face skyward. Without moving your elbows above your shoulders, curl the bands toward your torso, squeeze when you get near the top. Do 1 rep.
  • Return to rowing position. Do 2 row reps, followed by 2 curl reps.
  • Repeat the pattern until you've done 5 row reps and 5 curl reps.
  • Do 3 sets.
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