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Why Fat Burners DO Work

Losing body fat is one of the hardest challenges that people face when exercising and dieting so its natural that things can get stressful if your results stall or if you don’t see any at all, despite your hard work and effort. When this happens, people tend to analyse their diet and training and if results are still lacking then they will usually seek help in the form of supplements to help produce better results.




A lot of fat burners might look like miracle tonics that promise the world and deliver nothing, but that depends on the ones you choose to use. The supplement market is bigger than ever and the number of companies that sells supplements continues to grow by the day. Another reason for this is the opportunities people have for competitive manufacturing but with that also comes the downside to the industry.


The important part of the supplement is the purity and standard of the ingredients. After all, that’s the formula that gets to work in your body to help you achieve results and is what you’re paying for. Not many companies seek out or are willing to pay for the purest ingredients, which is why you might have taken a product and not seen the results you expected.


LA Muscle have been around for over 20 years so we have a history and reputation of providing high quality, high grade ingredients that make products that you can rely on to deliver you the results you dream of. Combined with your hard work, you will see results in no time and can use every product in our range for every training goal you may have.



Our fat burners don’t work by pumping you full of caffeine. Not only can that be extremely dangerous but it can also affect your health and well-being long term. Some of them do include caffeine for those that want it, but ours are in much lower doses and only to aid the production of energy with natural ingredients such as Green Tea and Guarana. Our fat burners contain only 100% natural ingredients that are proven to aid in the reduction of body fat and are also completely safe to consume with zero side effects.


The main way in which our fat burners work is through thermogenesis. The term thermogenic relates to the capacity to increase heat production. One of the fundamental parts of our metabolism is its ability to generate heat and whenever we generate energy through normal metabolic processes, heat is produced as a result.


So when you exercise, you get warmer as a result. The increased energy production manifests itself in an increase in heat production. The main result of thermogenic fat burners is to increase our metabolic rate and in turn this leads to a moderate increase in, and need to, dissipate heat which we feel as an increase in body temperature.


Thermogenic fat burners DO work. They will not work without being in a calorie deficit, which is how weight loss is generally achieved regardless, so food intake will need to be controlled and combined with regular exercise will help you speed up your desired results.


Another added benefit of good fat burners is that they help to regulate appetite and control food intake. So even without the metabolism boosting effects, fat burners can still be a very useful weapon to support fat loss.


You can find more information on all of our range of fat burners and weight loss products by clicking here

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