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Can you take other supplements with LA Muscle?

A frequent question to LA Muscle is whether you can take other companies' supplements with LA Muscle? This is a tricky one. There are tens of thousands of supplements out there and whilst many are manufactured by reputable companies, many others are dubious, experimental or even dangerous.


It is very difficult for LA Muscle to advise you on something we have had no input in producing, seeing what has gone into it and not having seen the science behind it. Many supplements are not supplements at all and can be dangerous substances like the new fad of S A…R.and M and s (Sorry for the spelling as Google strikes anyone even mentioning this dangerous new substance).


The short answer is that you are better off sticking to a stack by LA Muscle. This is because we know what we have produced, we trust it and know what has gone into it and LA Muscle can 100% guarantee your safety and the results from an LA Muscle stack.


On the other hand, you may take the powerful Norateen Heavyweight II and combine it with a rubbish pre-workout. You can very easily and quickly get side effects such as palpitations from the pre-workout and think it is the Norateen!


You could also take a fat burner like Fat Stripper Intense and instead of taking it with Slim Whey for example, combine it with a protein from another brand that may be full of lactose and you can start getting diarrhoea or cramps because of the high lactose or non-filtration and blame Fat Stripper! It can also reduce the effectiveness of Fat Stripper as it speedily pushes the ingredients out of your digestive tract.


When LA Muscle has no control over the ingredients or formulations of other lesser quality brands, it is very difficult to keep control over your results, to give you advice or to guarantee anything to you. This is why it is always smarter to stick to mixing LA Muscle supplements, because LA Muscle can 100% guarantee results. It’s a bit like buying a Bentley and then putting an after-market exhaust on it and servicing it at your local tyre garage! It is very difficult for your Bentley dealership to then help you out with your Bentley!


You may say an LA Muscle stack is expensive and that's why you have combined one LA Muscle supplement with other cheaper ones from other brands, right? Well, you have your answer there! When you buy cheap, you get cheap. You are better off saving or stretching to put quality into your body and have the guarantee that results will 100% come. LA Muscle stacks under the Specials section are actually very good value and give you substantial savings. Check them out!

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