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Do you REALLY need protein to build muscles?

Be under no illusion that protein is an essential part of your muscle building arsenal. You do need protein to build muscles but do you need protein powders or drinks to 100% guarantee muscle gains?

The answer is not as easy as yes… or no!

You see, it all depends on many factors but the biggest determinator is your normal and current protein consumption and the QUALITY of that protein consumption.

If you are a vegetarian that doesn’t pay particular attention to getting all the essential amino acids or “plenty” of protein for your “needs” then you may well need protein supplementation.

Same goes if you are a meat-eater but don’t eat a lot of protein.

Or if you do eat a fair bit of protein but you are not eating enough to keep up with your training.

A good guide is about 2g of protein per kg of bodyweight per day. Do you eat this much?

For example, an average steak has 25g good quality protein.

100g of Tofu gives you about 8g of protein but not as high quality as a steak.

When you start looking into foods and their protein content and the quality of that protein (amino acid profile) it soon becomes evident that for the majority of people who are bodybuilding, they are likely to need some protein supplementation.

A good quality protein like LA Whey contains 50g of very high quality protein with all the essential and non essential amino acids.

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