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How to Stack & Cycle LA Muscle supplements for continuous growth

When it comes to taking LA Muscle supplements, there is no right or wrong way. You can take 1, 2 or 3 together for maximum gains. However in order for your body not to get too used to them and for you to be able to constantly trick your body into maximum growth, it is better to stack and cycle the supplements.

Below is an example of some stacks and a cycle that you can use to continuously grow. You can swap and change them according to your preference.

Month 1: Norateen Extreme + Testo 250 + Vasculator + Nuclear Creatine
Month 2: Norateen Extreme + Testo 250 + Vasculator + Nuclear Creatine

Month 3: Norateen Testo 247 Day + Norateen testo 247 Night Male Boost
Month 4: Norateen Testo 247 Day + Norateen testo 247 Night + Male Boost

Month 5: Nuclear Creatine + Vasculator

Month 6: Norateen Heavyweight II + Norateen Growth
Month 7: Norateen Heavyweight II + Norateen Growth

Month 8: Norateen Gold + Vasculator
Month 9: Norateen Gold + Vasculator

Month 10: Norateen II + Sculpt

The idea is to take 1-3 Testosterone boosters for 2 months, then either have 1 month break (taking other things like Vasculator or Nuclear Creatine) or carry on for another 2 months but with a different stack of Testosterone boosters and then have a break on the 5th month.

A different stack will contain different ingredients and so will give you constant gains.

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