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Dosage: Why more is not better!


Sometimes you may read comments by keyboard warriors on forums and believe it as factual or accurate. One of the common ones is that more of something is better. "Yeah bruv, you should have 10x that dosage for it to work!". Nothing can be further from the truth.


So many complex things are behind a sports nutrition formula that unless you are part of an R&D team of a sports nutrition company, you are not really privy to the correct information. LA Muscle is one of only a handful of sports nutrition companies that have their own in-house R&D team. Is more Aspirin better for a headache? No because you will get ill and end up with an ulcer. Is more Zinc better in a supplement? No because over 50mgs a day and you will start getting side effects. Is more caffeine better? No because you will start getting the jitters and can get very ill.


LA Muscle’s exclusive formulas are thoroughly researched and formulated to work in synergy with your body and in synergy with the various ingredients they contain. An uninformed gym warrior may look at an LA Muscle formula and say it should have more Beta Ecdysterone for example, because another company’s formula has 5x more. Does that mean the other formula is 5x stronger? Of course not! The other formula may give you 5x the side effects but it won’t be 5x stronger, that is a guarantee.


For a supplement to work well, it needs so many things. It needs the right ingredients at the highest purity, in the right dosages, in the right ratios (to each other), enough to start working and getting your body used to it but not too much to overwhelm your body. One of the biggest considerations LA Muscle takes into account when formulating its supplements is that they must work “with” your body so your body gets used to them and doesn’t shut down when you come off that supplement.


Trust your body to LA Muscle and know that you are getting the very best supplements that will give zero side effects, long-lasting results and will work with your own body.
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