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Exercises To Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

Pelvic floor exercises are usually associated with Kegels, which help improve your sexual experience and performance. These exercises are beneficial for strengthening the bladder and bowel. You can perform pelvic floor exercises anytime, but you must ensure that your bladder is empty before practising tightening your pelvic floor muscles by holding and releasing.

There are several pelvic floor exercises that you can perform once you have perfected the basic kegel. Some of these exercises use the principles of kegel exercise. To get the most out of this exercise, ensure that you maintain a slow pace and prioritise creating a mind-body connection for the targeted pelvic muscles. Here are pelvic floor exercises that you can regularly perform to improve your pelvic floor strength and sexual performance. To maximise these exercises, sexual enhancers such as Starman and Starman Pro can help to improve your overall sexual experience.

Quick contractions

Performing quick contractions helps protect the body against intra-abdominal pressure resulting from a sneeze or cough. In addition, quick contractions help isolate the pelvic floor muscles needed for this critical function.

Endurance holds

As its name implies, this exercise focuses on contractions for long durations. This exercise helps support your pelvic organs and posture during activities you perform while standing or in an upright position. These are critical functions of the pelvic floor muscles. Focus on your pelvic floor muscles and maintain the contraction for at least five seconds.

Descending staircase

The descending staircase exercise helps to improve the control of your pelvic floor muscles. Experts recommend attempting this exercise when you are confident that you can keep an endurance hold for a minimum of 10 seconds.

This is an excellent start for training your pelvic floor muscles to support you when they begin lengthening,

Shoulder bridge

The shoulder bridge is a classic Pilates exercise that strengthens your glutes and core. This exercise, by extension, supports your pelvic floor muscle activation.

Bird dog

This is another core strengthening exercise that primarily targets the thighs and glutes. Considering it is a stability exercise, it engages your pelvic floor muscles throughout the movement.

Deep squat

The deep squat exercise is functional because it mimics your daily movements, like bending down to pick a box. Squats can also be considered compound movements since it works multiple muscles simultaneously. Deep squats support muscles critical for supporting your pelvis and hips, including your hamstrings and glutes. Squats have many variations, but a deep squat can help during the lengthening of your pelvic floor.

Both men and women benefit from strong pelvic floor muscles for sexual activity. Having strong pelvic floor muscles means you can hold off ejaculation and improve sexual longevity for men. In women, a strong pelvic floor means they can increase sensations and satisfaction.

Combination exercise

You can combine the above exercises to test your pelvic floor coordination. To get the best results, do them without rest in between. By working on controlling and switching up your contractions, you improve your sexual performance and prepare your body to handle almost any activity involving your core.

Perform five combinations in any order. For example you can perform six quick contractions, followed by a five-second hold, then five more contractions. Then follow up with a descending staircase followed by 20 x deep squats.

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