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He's just not our little Eric anymore

Eric never wanted to be “Little Eric”. Eric had spent too many years listening to the opinions of his parents and friends putting him off the gym, putting him off supplements, putting him off bodybuilding and generally putting him off what he really wanted to do.

Sometimes you get stuck in a phase of your life where you’re not doing the things YOU want to do and you seem to be in a haze, a pause, where nothing is happening and you are not progressing to where you want to be and where you belong. This was the case with Eric. 


Throughout his early life he was a “pleaser” and always listened to his parents because that’s what you are supposed to do, right? Until one day Eric decided he wasn’t going to live his life for others any more. He wanted to change his body and he wanted to be big. He wanted to be muscular, to be stared at when he walked down the street and to be RESPECTED in the gym.


Just like when his friends were telling him things that held him back, the same friends were telling him no supplement will ever get him big. They were telling him that only steroids will get him big and that he will never be huge anyway. 

Eric was done with the negativity. He bought a tub of Norateen Gold and started taking it. The first thing he noticed was the immediate increase in strength. His Bench Press went up 20% easy. He kept reading and learning and upped his protein and changed his routine to a split routine, enabling him to give his bodyparts 5 days rest between training sessions.


Eric GREW. He blew up! He started to feel happier and more content. He dropped the old negative friends and found new ones. His new friends respected him for what he was doing and didn’t keep putting him down or making fun of him. His grandparents weren’t very happy and wanted “Little Eric” back. Sorry gramps, little Eric is long gone!


Sometimes in life, you’ve gotta’ make a decision. You have to make a choice and go with it. It may mean losing friends, staying away from family who say they want the best for you but keep putting you down and maybe even making a few enemies. Such is life. You want to get to the next level, you need to make moves and sacrifices to get there.


Yes, Eric is not Little Eric any more. He is Big Eric. He loves it and wouldn’t change a thing. Well, maybe he wishes he stopped listening to others earlier but you can’t turn back time.


Start your own journey to a “Big You” today with Norateen Gold. You won’t look back. Results are guaranteed but only start if you’re sure you want out of the old life and the old “skinny” you.

Big Eric

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