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How these anti-snoring methods can help you grow more muscles!

Be under no doubt that if you are not sleeping well, you are not growing well! Sleep is one of the essential ingredients in building solid muscle mass. It is during sleep that your body releases several mass building hormones and recuperates from your gym training sessions.

If you are snoring, you are more than likely not having as good a sleep as you could be. Snoring can eventually lead to other issues such as sleep apnea, something that you may not even be aware of. Signs are being tired during the day, feeling sleepy during the day or other more serious complications can be breathing or organ issues.

Without wanting to scare you too much, you need to get your snoring under control to become healthier and ultimately to grow more! Below are 10 ways to reduce or totally eliminate snoring:


Reduce or eliminate your alcohol intake. Alcohol dehydrates and is scientifically proven to worsen snoring.


Eliminate fizzy and sparkling drinks including sparkling water. They bloat you and cause enlargement of tissues including nasal and throat tissues.


Make sure you air your bedroom and keep it moist. Winter is worse for snorers as the air is very dry due to heating and radiators. Have a humidifier on or one of these small mist diffusers. If you have a shower and have an en-suite, open the bathroom door so the moisture comes in the bedroom.


Probably the number 1 cause of a great percentage of snoring is eating late and having a full tummy. Try and have your last meal at least 5 hours before sleep if possible.


Fat people snore more, fact! It is not always the case but being overweight increases your chances of snoring. Losing weight, reduces snoring. Try a supplement like Fat Stripper Intense for rapid and effective weight loss.


Back sleepers snore more. Try and sleep more on your side and have a pillow that supports your neck.


If you are having little water during the day, you can be dehydrated at night. Dehydration dries the throat and nasal passageways and contributes to snoring. Drink more water!


Avoid spicy and salty foods before sleep. They also cause dehydration, the enemy of a good night’s sleep!



Take some anti-histamines before sleep to get rid of any nasal congestion. Also make sure you change your pillow, mattress and covers regularly to avoid any house dust mites.



There are lots of sleep aids such as nasal strips, sprays, gum shields and things to close your mouth to help you stop snoring. Ultimately if you are mouth breathing, you are much more likely to snore. Try and stop mouth breathing. Search YouTube for tongue exercises to get your tongues and throat stronger so your tongue doesn’t fall to the back of your throat when you are sleeping.

The very best of luck! Remember, if you sleep better, you will ultimately build a better physique. Sleep is also good for lowered Cortisol levels which keep fat in check.

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