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How to super-charge your rugby

LA Muscle supplements have been used by rugby players since 1997. Thousands of rugby players including the likes of Ryan Hudson and Tom Croft have been big ambassadors of various LA Muscle supplements including the extremely popular Norateen Heavyweight II.


As much as you can train, eat well and rest, there will come a point where you will hit a plateau and your strength will just not move up. This is where LA Muscle supplements come in for rugby players. Formulas like Norateen Heavyweight II and Norateen Extreme start by increasing your strength in the gym. Weights go up, personal bests go up, intensity goes up and fatigue comes down. After a few days (couple of weeks for some), muscle mass increases and you will get leaner.

What rugby players have found by using the Norateen range is that they are stronger, faster, leaner, more muscular and yet lighter on their feet. Norateen gives you POWER and stamina. When you have more power and working out harder and becoming stronger, your general energy goes up and you become a more efficient machine.


Make no mistake, some of the top rugby players out there are taking LA Muscle supplements regularly, even if they don’t tell you. Why should they tell you their secret? They want that competitive advantage! Well, it doesn’t stop us from telling you! Try a supplement like Norateen Heavyweight II for your rugby and see and feel the difference. Results are 100% guaranteed or your money back in full.

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