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Is Coregasm Real? Everything You Need To Know


routines that engage the core. It sounds exciting, right? If you have never experienced coregasm, it may sound like something you would love to look forward to. Who wouldn't want that?


But it is not as exciting as it sounds in reality. Surrounded by many people at the gym, picture having an explosive coregasm right there. Now you know why it is not the most exciting experience after all.


While many people who have experienced it may not speak about it, coregasms happen way more than reported. But if you have ever experienced it before, there are ways to navigate it.


What causes coregasms in some people?


People who experience coregasms only experience it during exercises involving contractions of the core muscles. Common culprits are hanging tuck and L-sit exercises, but others like pull-ups can cause this reaction. While coregasms are more common in women, men have also reported experiencing it, which some considered an embarrassing moment.


You may be wondering why it occurs in some people and not others.


The truth is, there is still so little known about this phenomenon. It's similar to how some people can live with pain better than others. The research on this issue are very few and have barely scratched the surface. They have also only focused mainly on women.


There may be a connection between the coregasms and core exercises that involve pelvic floor contractions and surrounding muscles exerting pressure on the pelvic floor. Some experts have also suggested a hormonal factor. For men, it may occur more often in their younger years when testosterone is surging, while there may be a link to the menstrual cycle in women. And there is a likelihood of it occurring at different stages of the cycle than others.


What is it like?


Coregasm is different from one person to the other. Some women find these exercise-induced orgasms similar to those from vaginal intercourse but are less tingly and intense. However, some women have described it as a rush of euphoria, similar to those of an intense vaginal orgasm.


Can you avoid it?


Not everyone finds coregasms awkward or embarrassing, but some people do. So if you are in this boat, here are a few ways to prevent coregasms when working out in the gym. Once you know how your body works, you will learn to avoid specific exercises, or not do them too intensely.


  • Don’t push yourself too hard
  • Know when to back off before reaching coregasm
  • Be mindful of your training and know what triggers coregasm
  • Understand how your body feels with different exercises


Now that you understand what coregasms are, you no longer need to feel weird. You are in control of whether you want it or not. If it seems like a distraction to reaching your fitness goal, you need to become more aware of your body and the exercise routines that can trigger a coregasm.

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