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LA Muscle is non-discriminatory

LA Muscle has been the world’s premier luxury sports nutrition brands for over 25 years. Many of the best-known sports supplements in the world belong to LA Muscle, such as the Norateen® range.

Since 1997, a great deal has changed. The world has become much more technologically advanced, society has become closer (technologically and geographically through transport links and lower costs of travel), yet more divided in terms of people interacting with each other. Many people prefer to meet someone on an App, than speaking to someone in the flesh in a coffee shop!

The same can be said about the rights of people. We have become much more aware of certain people’s rights and have become more inclusive. We have become more tolerant of certain things and it’s easier to speak about certain subjects such as gay rights. Yet, in the same breath, we have also become more sensitive about free speech. In some ways, people and companies can find it harder to know what to say or what not to say.

When a company features gay people on its advertising materials, it can be praised for being more inclusive. Yet eyebrows are also raised. We have found this at LA Muscle. We have found it a very delicate balance between being the progressive and inclusive company that we are and not alienating certain others and their core beliefs. Many companies may not speak about this because it is not the thing to say but at LA Muscle we have always been open with our customers.

The one thing that we can assure you about LA Muscle is that we are an all inclusive company and we do not discriminate against anybody. Whether you are disabled, gay, trans, black etc, it does not make a difference to us. All staff at LA Muscle are trained to know what it is to be non-discriminatory. We have people from all backgrounds, beliefs and nationalities working at LA Muscle. We proudly display the LGBT logo on the front of the website.

If any of our literature may come across as aimed at a particular group, this is not on purpose. We re very aware that we cannot please everyone and we don’t try to. We just try to be as inclusive as we can and assure all customers that their sex, race, sexual preference, disability etc is never an issue with LA Muscle. You are all welcome to be part of the LA Muscle family. We welcome any feedback from any group and we will always try and be as inclusive as we can without damaging the overall brand image of LA Muscle and without alienating others.

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