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New LA Muscle supplements in R&D for Autumn 2023

Some companies dish out a new supplement weekly with no research. They just re-label generic supplements and put their brand on it. LA Muscle has had its own multi-million pound R&D development labs since 1997 and each and every supplement is scientifically researched and developed. New LA Muscle supplements are only released if they pass several tests in the lab as well as the real world.

Two very exciting supplements currently going through the final stages of testing are a new stronger Burn Belly Fat and what is possibly going to be LA Muscle's most powerful Norateen to date. This new Norateen is not going to be cheap and because of the rarity of its ingredients, it will be made only in very small batches.

Both are expected to pass final testing for a possible release in Autumn 2023 in the UK followed by a worldwide release soon after.

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