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Should I just take the illegal stuff instead of supplements?

Some people are of the opinion that money spent on supplements is wasted because the same amount can be spent on the so called “real stuff” (illegal stuff) with better results.

Whilst the illegal stuff can certainly give noticeable gains to most people, there is a reason why they are prohibited and come with a ton of warnings. One person may use them and be absolutely fine for years and many others can get side-effects galore either as soon as they start or within a few months or years.

Taking side effects out of the equation, the biggest problem with illegal alternatives to supplements is that their effects disappear as soon as you stop taking them! Isn’t that the biggest reason not to take them? Sure supplements like LA Muscle are expensive but their gains last with you even when you stop using them, as long as you are still going to the gym.

So, in actual fact, you are wasting money because with the illegal stuff, you need to keep spending money to keep your gains.

When it comes to LA Muscle supplements and their exclusive formulations, because they work WITH your body and increase your “own” body’s natural hormone levels, their effects last. They build up slowly, work within your own body, your body keeps a track of levels and as well as not giving you any side effects, their effects are long lasting.

Look at anyone that takes the illegal alternatives: Say they went somewhere where they had no access to their “stash”. Within weeks they will lose their gains and look like how they looked before they spent ALL that money on their “gear”.

Looking at someone who takes LA Muscle supplements: they can go on holiday for weeks and as long as they are still training, they keep their gains.

In conclusions, spending money on LA Muscle supplements is much wiser on all levels. You get 100% natural supplements with no side effects AND most importantly you keep your gains. So in the long term, they are actually more cost effective!

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