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So, what happens when you take a Testosterone booster?

To some people, Testosterone boosters like Norateen Heavyweight II are like a step into the unknown. They are hesitant, skeptical, uncertain or even scared. Let’s take a closer look at Testosterone boosters and explain in layman’s terms, what they actually do!

In your teens, you start producing more Testosterone naturally in your body and that helps you grow. You grow in height, you grow in muscles and you become more manly. After your early twenties, this “abundance” of Testosterone stops.

No matter how much more Testosterone you take, you will not grow in height after your own growth phase has come to an end. However, you can still trick your body into growing more muscles and getting stronger.

In terms of Testosterone, you have 2 options.

  1. Take illegal, dangerous and potentially harmful steroids in the form of pills or injections. The problem here is that you will usually lose a lot of your muscle & strength gains when you stop.
  2. Take a natural Testosterone booster. Let’s look at option 2 in more detail below.


Taking a natural Testosterone Booster

Food alone or protein powders will not push your body to produce more Testosterone, However, taking a select number of ingredients often from various plants in the right ratios, at the right times and in the right cycles can very well prompt your own body to increase Testosterone levels once again.

This is a very straightforward process and nothing to be afraid or wary of! The main issue is that many of the so-called Testosterone Boosters out there just don’t work or give side effects because the companies manufacturing them have no idea what they are doing. There is no real regulation in the industry and so anyone can mix anything and call it a Testosterone Booster.


Trust the Norateen and LA Muscle names

LA Muscle has been a specialist manufacturer of Testosterone boosters since 1998. All its supplements are scientifically researched and all formulas are full of active, high grade Pharmaceutical Testosterone boosters that actually work. They are natural and they work with your body to increase your Testosterone levels.


So what happens when you take a Testosterone Booster?

You will start to feel more motivated to go to the gym usually within a few hours! Testosterone works fast!

After a few days, you will feel a lot stronger in the gym and see yourself lifting much more weight. The increase in lifting and muscle contractions will mean that your muscles will start to grow much bigger. Testosterone gives you the ability to keep lifting more with each session without the usual plateau and you find yourself doing personal bests that you never thought you could do.

When you keep taking your Testosterone booster like Norateen Heavyweight II, you just keep growing bigger and stronger. There will come a time when the effects will slow down and that is when you can take a break (usually after 2 months) or you switch to another supplement with different ingredients to continuously trick your body to grow more.

Those who are smart and cycle their LA Muscle Testosterone Boosters and stick to the instructions can seriously grow big and strong. 10 kgs of muscle in 6-12 months is not unheard of or unusual. This may sound like “hype” to some people who have not experienced LA Muscle supplements or those that are just used to taking steroids. However what you need to realise is that LA Muscle’s Testosterone boosters are very close to their bigger brothers and the results are exceptional when taken in conjunction with a good protein and carb-rich diet and hard heavy training.

You have absolutely nothing to lose by taking a Testosterone booster and potentially kilos and kilos of muscle to gain. If you train to build a nice body, you are seriously missing out by not taking a Testosterone booster that is researched and proven. Take your pick out of any of the Norateen range and you will not go wrong. You will love the results and understand why this range has been a best-seller worldwide since 1998, often copied but never ever equalled. That is why LA Muscle is still around after 21 years and most of the copycats are long gone. Trust the LA Muscle name.

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