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Which Norateen is best for you?

LA Muscle’s Norateen has been a name synonymous with muscle and strength since 1998. Supplements have come and gone and Norateen has stood the test of time because quite simply, it works!

In the early days when pro-hormones were available, the first generation Norateens included several pro-hormones. As regulations changed, formulas had to be changed. Many supplements companies did not have the R&D capabilities to research replacements and so their formulas faded into obscurity.

LA Muscle has spent millions of pounds over the years to research and develop the Norateen range. When you buy a Norateen supplement, you can be rest assured that you are buying the creme de la creme of muscle building formulas. Nothing is stronger, safer or produces quicker results.

Let’s have a look at the current Norateen formulas and see which one may be best for you. Please do remember that there is no right or wrong here. Your choice of Norateen is entirely up to you. All Norateens will build strength and muscle for you.

Norateen Heavyweight II
This is the Norateen most people have heard of. Norateen Heavyweight II has an incredible track record with many awards and has been featured favourably and extensively in the media including on the BBC and SKY TV. Norateen Heavyweight IIhas been praised as THE best muscle builder and the best Testosterone booster by Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness Magazines.

If you want to just choose one Norateen and it is your first time, go for Norateen Heavyweight II. You will not regret it.

Norateen Heavyweight II will dramatically increase your strength within 1-2 days and your muscles will start growing within a week. Norateen Heavyweight II can be taken by anyone over 18 at any stage of training. Women who are bodybuilding can also take it.

Norateen Gold
This is an incredible Limited Edition Norateen with a world first formula that includes some very rare and expensive ingredients. With 8 unique and scientifically researched ingredients, Norateen Gold is the “next generation” muscle builder; a crazy muscle-building formula from the future, available to you today!

As soon as Norateen Gold hit the market, it was nominated for several awards and it won the Best Muscle Builder Gold Award. The unique thing about Norateen Gold is that it guarantees zero oestrogen conversion which is rare for such a powerful Testosterone formula.

You can take Norateen Gold straight off or use it after Norateen Heavyweight II. Anyone over 18 can take Norateen Gold from beginner to advanced. Do remember that Norateen Gold will dramatically increase your strength so please always warm up and do proper reps with a full stretch and full contraction to avoid injury.

Norateen Extreme
Norateen Extreme is more geared up towards bodybuilders who want to get huge and those who train very hard and heavy and want to have that huge monster bodybuilder look. Norateen Extreme increases Growth Hormone, Testosterone and IGF-1 and is very very strong.

Athletes and other sports people can take other Norateens but Norateen Extreme is more reserved for bodybuilders, weight lifters and powerlifters. It is not a beginner supplement though some beginners do take it.

Norateen Testo 247 Day & Norateen Testo 247 Night
The combination of both Norateen Testo 247 Day and Night sits above all Norateens as a powerful duo. This combination gives you constant day and night Testosterone and Growth Hormone release.

You can take each Norateen by itself or mix it with other Norateens. The choice is up to you, your level or training, your budget and how quickly you want results. All Norateens should be cycled. In other words, take them for 2 months maximum at a time and then have at least one month’s break.

There is no right or wrong Norateen. They will all work amazingly for muscle & strength gains. Which you choose is up to you and your budget and what you have used before. They all have different ingredients and ratios to do the same job of building lean muscle mass. Cycling them and taking different ones every few months is the best way of getting continuous gains.

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