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Stretch For Better Gains

Every personal trainer or coach you speak to will always tell you how important it is to stretch properly before and after any form of exercise. Not only does it reduce the risk of injury, but it includes a range of benefits that ultimately lead to a better rate of muscle growth. Setting aside just 10 mins alongside your workout will greatly benefit you in the long term.



Stretching increases the mechanical efficiency of your muscles, meaning that you will require less energy when exerting yourself and will be able to execute more repetitions in your strength-training routine with the same amount of energy.



After a good deep stretch when you release the stretch there will be a surge of blood flow into the muscles. This is called intramuscular hyperhemia. The increased blood flow will pump more nutrients and will dramatically increase the transport of protein into the muscle, facilitating muscle growth.



Daily stretching will make your muscles a lot more flexible and will increase their range of motion to perform more challenging movements with less effort. Improving these aspects will in turn greatly improve your performance and efficiency at your chosen sport. To improve muscle flexibility, you should hold a static stretch at least 30 seconds, once per day.



Muscle recovery is significantly aided by stretching as it reduces muscular tension, which can inhibit your muscles’ ability to grow after being exerted. A faster rate of recovery will allow the muscle fibres to regrow and be ready for your next training session in a shorter amount of time as well as reduce muscle soreness.


One of the best supplements to aid muscle growth is a testosterone booster. Testosterone is the most important hormone in lean muscle growth and one of the best testosterone boosters on the market is Norateen Gold.


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