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Top 10 Self-Defense Techniques for the Untrained Individual


Self-defence is not about being the strongest or the most skilled; it's about protecting yourself effectively when in danger. For those without martial arts training or a muscular build, there are still effective techniques to fend off potential threats. Here are ten self-defence moves that are straightforward and can be practiced by anyone, regardless of physical prowess.


1. The Palm Heel Strike

Application: Best used when an attacker is directly in front of you. Description: Open your hand with fingers slightly bent. Thrust your palm forward and upward towards an attacker's nose. The force from the heel of your palm can break their nose, causing them to tear up and disorient them.

2. Groin Kick

Application: Effective for close to mid-range encounters. Description: With a firm base, swing your leg upward into the attacker's groin area. Even a small amount of force can incapacitate them temporarily.

3. Elbow Strike

Application: Best when an attacker is close to you, either in front or to the side. Description: Raise your elbow and use the pointy part to hit the attacker. Targets can include the face, chest, or abdomen. The elbow is a sturdy point of contact, and a well-placed strike can cause significant pain.

4. Eye Gouge or Eye Poke

Application: Useful when grappling with an attacker. Description: Use your fingers to poke or gouge the attacker's eyes. This can temporarily blind and disorient them, giving you a chance to escape.

5. Throat Strike

Application: Useful for close encounters. Description: Aim for the Adam's apple or the sides of the neck using the edge of your hand. Striking the throat can disrupt an attacker's breathing and provide an escape opportunity.

6. Knee Strike

Application: Suitable for close range, especially if the attacker is bent forward. Description: Bring your knee upward, striking the attacker's face, chest, or groin. It's a powerful move that uses the body's leverage.

7. Escape from Wrist Hold

Application: If someone grabs your wrist. Description: Rotate your wrist towards the attacker's thumb (the thumb is the weak part of the grip) and pull sharply. If both wrists are held, use the same technique, but prioritise one wrist first.

8. Escape from a Bear Hug

Application: When grabbed from behind. Description: Drop your body weight to make it harder for them to hold you. Then, stomp on the attacker's foot, or use your head to strike backward into their face. Once they loosen their grip, twist out of their hold.

9. Evasion

Application: For all situations. Description: Sometimes, the best defence is not to be there. If you anticipate a strike or grab, quickly step out of the way. Combine this with other defensive moves.

10. Use of Everyday Objects

Application: When caught off guard. Description: Pens, keys, or even a flashlight can be turned into makeshift weapons. Hold a pen or key between your fingers, and strike or stab towards soft parts of the attacker's body, such as eyes or neck.

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