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What happened when I took both Starman Supplements?

By: Dan Brown

I was given Starman and Starman PRO to test so here’s my honest feedback on taking them together. I was one of the first people to be given Starman to test before it even came out and I found that it was decent.

Starman definitely gave me more “readiness” and power down below. I felt like I was a young teenager again, you know, sort of horny and ready for action. I hadn’t felt like that all the time for many years.

I started by taking Starman, 1 tablet, 3 times a day along with Starman PRO, 1 tablet 3 times a day. It took all of half a day for me to start seeing and feeling a noticeable difference. In fact. I wish I hadn’t taken them in the summer as I was wearing shorts and was walking around with a semi on that first day, pretty much most of the afternoon. So my advice, don’t wear tight clothing if you are taking them! By the way, I am just saying what they did for me; they may work differently for you.

I will be honest, I was horny from that first day. When I took Starman as a test subject, I was definitely more “full” and was much more enthused to jump on my GF at the time, Lisa. I definitely would say Starman helped our relationship but at the same time I would say it broke our relationship too. I don’t know if LA Muscle will run this part!

Lisa and I had a schedule thing going on. We would get it on every Saturday and we were both happy with that. When I started taking Starman, I wanted it more and as she put it, I became more unpredictable. I thought it was a good thing but she didn’t and she started to distrust me because she thought I was getting too horny and may be looking at other women. Anyway, back to why I was asked to write this..

I am seeing this sexy girl called Saskia right now. In fact, the trial of the Starmans couldn’t come at a better time as I have been finding it hard to keep up with her. She is a bit younger than me and a lot hornier.

After that first day, I decided to take 3 tablets of Starman and 3 tablets of Starman PRO before we got it on. I took them with a glass of water and within half an hour I was horny and hard as hell. We had amazing sex and I went on and on. I lasted much much longer than normal and was hard all the way. I loved it but afterwards I started getting a headache. I thought maybe I took too much. LA Muscle do say to see what works for you. I guess 6 tablets were too much even though they did the job. Funny, Saskia thinks I did the job very well but I would have to thank my little friends from LA Muscle! Side note, I didn’t tell her I took Starman and Starman PRO and I hide them in my gym bag. If she asks I will say they are muscle supplements.

I have been taking both Starman and Starman PRO now for coming up to a month. I take 2 tablets of each 15 mins before action and I am super happy with them. They get me hard and make me last so much longer. I like the fact that they are supplements and natural and I like that they are not addictive. Well, I think they are not but I do keep relying on them as they really do make me feel like super-man.

Would I use them if I wasn’t given them free to try? I would definitely but they are just a bit expensive for me so I think I would buy them but use them when I feel I need them, like when I am tired and Saskia is up for it - which is every day! I wouldn’t use them all the time as I can’t afford them like that.

So there you have it. Big thumbs up to taking both of them together. I haven’t taken Starman PRO by itself so can’t give you my opinion on that. I have been taking them together as that is what I was asked to do and give my feedback on.

Saskia and I are still together and I don’t feel the age gap is bad especially with my little gym-bag friends.


Starman and Starman PRO are NOT medicines. They will not cure medical conditions.

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