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What happens if I see no results from muscle builders?

This is a rare thing but if it does happen, don't worry, there is always a reason that can be addressed.

If you are taking an muscle building product and you are not seeing the results you expect, it may be due to several reasons, some of which are below:

  • Low protein intake - Increase your protein by supplementing with something like LA Whey.
  • Over-training - Usually as a result of a mis-guided belief that more is better. Train hard and heavy but not too often. Search elsewhere on this web site for articles on this. Over-training or under-training can be a major cause of not seeing results.
  • Bad diet. If you are not consuming much more carbohydrates and protein than normal, you will not build muscle tissue. You need to eat like a big guy to look like a big guy!
  • High stress levels - Relax! Stress produces cortisol which destroys muscle tissue and stores fat. If you feel highly stressed, protect your muscles with a supplement like Sculpt.
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs.


You need to look at "you" and what you could be doing wrong. This can be something simple or more complex. The products are 100% in their formulation and they will work for everyone.
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